The Fields of Hatred in Diablo 4 is a dangerous space within Sanctuary. Once entered, you are at the mercy of countless enemy mobs in PVE. However, you are also at the mercy of players in chaotic PVP combat. The objective is simple, loot resources unique to the PVP zones, kill players and mobs, purify Seeds of Hatred and escape with your life! With our Diablo 4 PVP Fields of Hatred Guide, lets take an in-depth look at PVP.

Fields of Hatred Locations

Currently, there is two major Fields of Hatred PVP zones in Sanctuary. These locations can be found in the Dry Steppes and Kehjistan. The areas on the map are noticeably more crimson than the rest.

Diablo 4 PVP Fields of Hatred Guide map location

Before you enter the Fields of Hatred PVP zone, there is a few things to know while playing in that zone.


In the Fields of Hatred, there is a few objectives available to you. The main objective of the Fields is to gather as many Seeds of Hatred as you can, head to an Altar of Extraction to purify the seeds while surviving, and leave with the new currency you have earned! This objective is not easy however, as you have to deal with both tough enemies and players too. There is 4 extraction points in the Dry Steppes PVP zone meanwhile there is 5 extraction points in Kehjistan. The extraction points are marked on the map.

Killing a player or being killed by a player or mob will drop all the seeds you have collected but not purified yet onto the ground for anyone to claim. Fight carefully!

Diablo 4 PVP Fields of Hatred Guide altar locations

Inside the Fields of Hatred is a roaming mini-boss that drops a ton of Seeds and loot. This boss is usually highly contested by players as an objective. As a result, approach cautiously, or use the boss as bait for unsuspecting players!

Diablo 4 PVP Fields of Hatred Guide field boss

Marking for PVP

When you enter the Fields of Hatred, you can just hop right in and start farming. However, if you want to be the initiator of PVP combat, you can choose to Bloodmark yourself. You can mark yourself by bringing up the emote wheel. Bloodmarking yourself allows you to freely engage on any player you see, flagging yourself as a player killer.

The Bloodmark can be removed by leaving the PVP zone entirely or cleansing it at the Altar of Cleansing in the PVP town.

Extracting Seeds of Hatred

Once you think you have enough Seeds and want to permanently bank them, head right to any of the Altars of Extraction placed on the map. To successfully extract and purify the seeds, interact with the Altar. Interacting will also trigger a mini-event in which you must survive for 45 seconds in a small circle zone surrounding the Altar. Leaving the circle will fail the ritual, so keep within the circle until the timer hits zero! The used Altar goes onto a cooldown after a successful extraction. Purifying the Seeds of Hatred transforms them into Red Dust in your inventory.

Be warned that every player in the zone will get a notification telling them that you are extracting and also where!

Hatred’s Chosen

In the top right corner of your screen, there is a counter out of 100 next to your Seeds counter. This counter is your Hatred’s Chosen meter. Killing players increases this number each time. Once the counter reaches 100, you achieve the state of “Hatred’s Chosen“. This state marks you on the map for every player in the area as a high value target to kill. While you are Hatred’s Chosen, you are tasked with surviving for 5 minutes.

This state can generate a lot of PVP as players will highly suspect that you have a ton of Seeds and that you are easy to find at the same time. A positive effect for Hatred’s Chosen however is that you gain a passive that occasionally gives you free Seeds of Hatred on damage dealt to players and mobs. If you survive the full 5 minutes, your current Seeds gathered will automatically purify and bank as a reward for surviving! Prepare for a bloodbath.

Fields of Hatred Buffs and Debuffs

The Fields of Hatred has slightly different rules due to the nature of PVP. As a result, the following buffs and debuffs are:

  • +20% Damage Over Time
  • +40% Control Impaired Duration Reduction
  • +35% Potion Drop Rate
  • -35% Potion Healing
  • +8 seconds to Potion Cooldown
  • -50% Minion/Companion Health

Killing players in the Fields of Hatred also:

  • Drops their Seeds of Hatred
  • Heals you for 15% of your Maximum Life
  • Reduces your Cooldowns by 10 seconds

While in the Fields of Hatred, your Armor Contributions are calculated differently for PVP too. This is to ensure you at least have a fighting chance versus other players.

PVP Vendors

Inside the Towns of the two PVP zones you can find yourself several Vendors throughout. The Blacksmith and general Vendors also appear. These PVP vendors are the main spending place of your hard earned Red Dust (Purified Seeds of Hatred). The items that the PVP vendors sell are entirely unique to the zone and can only be bought with Red Dust.

Mount Vendor

The Unconventional Mount Armor vendor provides players with many cosmetics for their horse. Cosmetics such as Armor, Trophies, Standards and even a Mount!

PVP Purveyor Vendor

Much like the Purveyor of Curiosities in normal towns, there is a PVP version. This vendor is Unsavory Oddities vendor. In exchange for Red Dust, players can gamble their hard earned Red Dust to get some armor pieces. One difference to the Purveyor however, is that you can only gamble for armor and not weapons and jewelry.

PVP Player Transmog Vendor

Another Vendor in the town allows players to spend their Red Dust to obtain PVP-only cosmetics for their armor! Players can go to this vendor to buy a full armor set currently.

PVP Consumables Vendor

The final vendor that is unique to the Fields of Hatred is the Cursed Scroll Vendor. This vendor provides players with Scrolls that can only be used while playing in the Fields of Hatred. These Scrolls all have one thing in common, a positive, and a negative effect:

  • Cursed Scroll of Recklessness – Increases Movement Speed by 40% for 15 seconds, but deals 2% of your Maximum Life as Bleed Damage per second. 5 minute Cooldown.
  • Cursed Scroll of Tranquility – Decreases damage taken from players by 30%, but increases damage taken from monsters by the same amount. Lasts for 20 seconds. 5 minute Cooldown.
  • Cursed Scroll of Chaos – Teleport to a random location in the region. 5 minute Cooldown.
Diablo 4 PVP Fields of Hatred Guide scroll vendor

Fields of Hatred Tips

  • Keep in mind that you are fighting other players in the zone. This may require you to change up your build and skill tree to deal with certain classes or issues you come across.
  • Skills with Unstoppable (such as Shadow Step on the Rogue Class) are valuable for both fighting and escaping in PVP.
  • Make sure to size up your opponent first! Check their level, class and figure out what build they are playing, this information is priceless when fighting.
  • For maximum efficiency, try to find a rotation of Elite mobs that you are comfortable with killing. Mobs spawn very frequently in the Fields of Hatred and the zone is dense to begin with.
  • Never be too greedy with your unpurified Seeds of Hatred. Once you feel like you might have enough, begin extracting at an Altar you feel is safest from combat.
  • Be on the look out for Boss spawns on the map, the boss is a great source of Seeds and loot. However, the boss is also a great tool for starting fights.
  • Partying up can be very strong in PVP, as the Fields of Hatred were not designed to “be fair”.
  • Players when killed drop ears that you can pick up. These ears do not have any purpose other than to have as a trophy.
  • If a players health bar when you are fighting them turns white, immediately back away. This health status means they are immune for that duration.
  • Completing Events, farming Elites, killing the boss and opening chests is the highest PVE priority in the Fields.
  • Do not be afraid to push a player who is extracting at an Altar. You have the element of surprise here, and they could be a huge source of Seeds!

Diablo 4 PVP Fields of Hatred Guide Conclusion

This concludes our guide for the PVP Fields of Hatred in Diablo 4! For more Diablo 4 information, guides, builds and more, be sure to check out our Diablo 4 home page!