Today, Diablo 4 revealed its plans for Seasons and the 3 versions of the Battle pass that will be available. Below is all of the information that was presented during the Diablo 4 Seasons and Battle Pass livestream.

Diablo Seasons Facts

  • Launch Mid to Late July
  • 4 Seasons a year.
  • Each Season will have a theme
    • Will Introduce New Characters and Quest Story Line
  • Each Season will introduce a New Mechanic that will change the way you play
  • Seasons will introduce Long Term Progression Mechanics
  • New Achievements
  • New Aspects will be available to unlock during Season Objectives
  • Aspects of Power WILL RESET
  • Lilith Shrines will reset with NEW buffs. Players will keep the ones they obtained from the shrines before the season.
  • If you progress the Free track and decide to buy the Premium trap late, you will still get credit for previous progress.

Though Diablo 4 will primarily based around getting to level 100 and progressing your characters gear and Paragon, each season will build upon this. The Team stated, If a Seasonal Mechanic is well recieved by the community, it might become part of the core game feature.

Battle Pass

Next, we also received more information concerning the Battle Pass. The Diablo 4 Team confirmed that the first Battle Pass would not be available til Season 1 (mid to late July). Players will Progress battle pass by earning favor throughout the Season. Each Battle Pass will have 3 Tiers:

  • Regular Battle Pass (FREE)
    • 27 Tiers
    • Smoldering Ashes
      • Used to buy buffs to help progression
      • only available in the Free track
    • Progression in the Regular Battle Pass is also tied to Character level
      • This prevents Accelerated Premium Battle Pass from getting Smoldering Ashes Early
  • Premium Battle Pass (10$ USD)
    • 63 Tiers
    • Comimetic only
    • 2 FULL armor sets for each class
      • Themed to Season
  • Accelerated Premium Battle Pass (20$ USD)
    • Includes Premium pass and 20 Tier Skips of the Premium Pass ONLY

Other Topics Discussed

Other than the Announcements concerning the Diablo Season and Battle Pass, the team also revealed some other things to look forward to.

  • They have already started working on Season 2
  • Hardcore Characters are PERMADEAD but favor for Battle Pass and Achievements stay.
  • Once you complete the campaign, you CAN skip the MSQ.

TRANSMOG and Character Customization

  • You will be able to unlock appearance items in-game AND in the Shop, as well as the season pass
  • In-game Armor will be region-themed
  • EVERYTHING from the Shop and In-game can be dyed.
  • Shop Items will rotate but will become available again in the Future


Leaderboards are worked on and will eventually be part of Diablo 4. There will be no leaderboards at launch or in Season 1. The team also mentioned that leaderboards would probably not be available during Season 2 either.

Server Slam

  • You can unlock all previous in-game unlockable from other betas
  • You MUST BE LEVEL 20 to earn the Tears of Ashava reward from defeating Ashava.
  • Ashava Schedule starts at May13th 9am PT. She will spawn every 3 hours,

Diablo 4 Seasons and Battle Pass Conclusion

That Covers all the information we received! For more information on Diablo 4, including Guides and Class Builds, check out our Diablo 4 Home page!