Today, the Diablo 4 development team went live on Twitch to discuss Community concerns and questions. Below is a summary of the topics discussed in the Diablo Campfire Summary 6/16/2023

Special thanks to “CamGG” for the quick notes!

Developer Discussion

  • Season 1 coming mid-late July
  • NMD getting better xp and rewards, and using a Sigil will create a portal to teleport you directly to the NMD.
  • complete gem overhaul ETA season 2
  • gems all being moved into material section
  • seasonally, some renown will carry over.
  • map will share progress across all characters, new characters will only have main citys unlocked for waypoints.
  • aware that resistances are not functioning correctly, S2 eta for resistance changes. armour meta until then
  • HC Deaths – if you ever disconnect, a scroll will be used if available from your inventory.
  • lvl80 WT4 cache is a bug and is planned to be resolved.
  • scaling talk 👀
  • Druid drops being fixed asap, no more bugged barb drops for druid players
  • expect to see drops for other classes though occasionally. that is not a bug.
  • LFG is being worked on, no eta. crossplay seems to be the roadblock.
  • PC performance and stability are being investigated heavily, a major priority to be fixed.
    • recommended relog If it’s persistent, it could be missing a hotfix but best to fine-tune settings.
  • they have 13 pages of patch notes already for S1

Chat Q&A

Q: Can we teleport to friends without going to town?
A: Not planning to change that system. Will monitor it.
Q: Any resource generation buffs?
A: Variety of buffs coming to many things. The top secret document includes these buffs. Resource generation is a stat that can invalidate the skills that have resource cost. Must have a balance.
Q: Are you planning to continue with quarterly updates?
A: Rod: I prefer the active stream chats rather than 9-page blog posts. So more often than quarterly.
Q: Can we change our character in more detail?
A: Will continue to explore ways to allow you to customize your character. New styles coming in every season.
Q: Completed side quest tracker?
A: We want to improve the trackers across the whole game.
Cam — Today at 3:11 PM
Q: QoL features, ex search in stash
A: Absolutely looking to add QoL features across the game.
Cam — Today at 3:15 PM
Q: To clarify progress through seasons.
A: Map progress and Lilith statues carry. you will have to reclear dungeons, strongholds, etc., to get to maximum renown again.


THanks again for CamGG for the info! For more Diablo 4 content make sure to check out our Diablo 4 Homepage