Welcome to our WT3 Capstone Dungeon Guide. We will show you where to find this dungeon, when it unlocks and how to complete it. You will gain access to the Capstone Dungeons after you complete the main campaign.

Where to find the WT3 Capstone Dungeon?

The WT3 Capstone Dungeon is located in the Cathedral of Light, Kyovashad. You can only access this dungeon in World Tier 2. This Capstone dungeon has a recommended level of 50, the difficulty spike is high compared to the rest of the game at this level. We recommend being level 50~ before attempting this Capstone Dungeon.

Extra note for Hardcore players: The enemies in the Capstone Dungeons do not scale, they will be level 50 no matter your level. Being a higher level will give you an easier time completing the dungeon.

How to complete the WT3 Capstone Dungeon?

Revenant Knights

The first objective when you start the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon is to “Collect Animus from Revenant Knights“. These are large Elite mobs you will find throughout the first section of the Dungeon, they are very easy to spot as they stand out amongst other mobs.

Once you enter the Dungeon and reach the Animus Pedestal there is a path leading right and a path leading left, there are Revenant Knights both ways. Pick a side and clear the area in a clock or counterclockwise rotation before heading over to the other side.

Once you clear all the Revenant Knights you can click the Animus Pedestal in front of the door to unlock it and progress to the next area.

Sacred Physician, Grand Inquisitor, Lord Commander and Devoted Champion

For the first Boss fight in this WT3 Capstone Dungeon you will actually face off against 4 Bosses.

The Sacred Physician should be your first target, this Boss can revive the other bosses. If not dealt with as soon as possible they can make the fight a lot harder by bringing back the other bosses, a good target to take out first.

The Grand Inquisitor and Devoted Champion should be next on the list to take out. These Bosses are not to hard but they do pose a threat if left alone. The Lord Commander is the toughest of the 4, taking out all other bosses first makes the fight with him easier.

The Lord Commander is your final and toughest fight so far. He has a lot of health and a giant hammer, watch out for his heavy attacks. Also be mindful of the green ghosts that appear after defeating the other bosses, these ghosts still deal damage.

Reliquary of Erudition

The next part is simple in theory “Slay all enemies in the Reliquary of Erudition“. There is a lot of density in this area so be careful not to overwhelm yourself, this part is easier with an AoE build.

The Curator

The final part of this WT3 Capstone Dungeon and also the hardest part, you will face The Curator. This boss attacks with Magical attacks, with these attacks being ranged we can dodge most of them by paying close attention, some classes will have an easier time dodging then others. The Curator will constantly spawn Skeletons to fight besides him. Green Magical Skulls will be shot at you, dealing damage as they hit you. The Curator will shoot beams of Green Magic these will cover the area in front of him, staying behind him will keep you from taking damage.

Nearing the end of the fight The Curator will vanish for a second after which he re-appears sending multiple Magical Beams covering the area in front of him, he will spin and send them almost everywhere. Since this attack is very hard to dodge try to save one of your Defensive abilities, a shield or damage reduction to negate the damage it will do.

What do you unlock after completing the WT3 Capstone Dungeon?

After defeating The Curator and completing the WT3 Capstone Dungeon you will have unlocked the next tier in difficulty, World Tier 3. You have also unlocked the next Capstone Dungeon in the Dry Steppes (Accessible only in World Tier 3). However, the recommended level for this dungeon is level 70, we highly recommend not trying before level 65.


This concludes our WT3 Capstone Dungeon Guide, for more Diablo 4 content, be sure to check out our home page!