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Welcome to our WT4 Capstone Dungeon Guide. We will show you where to find this dungeon, when it unlocks and how to complete it. You will gain access to the Capstone Dungeons after you complete the main campaign.

Where to find the WT4 Capstone Dungeon?

The WT4 Capstone Dungeon is located in the Fallen Temple, Dry Steppes. You can only access this dungeon in World Tier 3. This Capstone dungeon has a recommended level of 70. We recommend being level 65~ before attempting this Capstone Dungeon.

Extra note for Hardcore players: The enemies in the Capstone Dungeons do not scale, they will be level 70 no matter your level. Being a higher level will give you an easier time completing the dungeon.

How to complete the WT4 Capstone Dungeon?

Antechamber of the Damned

When entering you will be faced with 2 choices, go straight to The Cursed Halls or turn left to The Gluttonous Chapel. There is no benefit to doing one before the other, both sides will have to be completed in order to continue.

The Cursed Halls

The objective is to make it through to the Trial of the Indolent (directions to follow are in the screenshot below), facing off against many elites and other mobs. When you make it to The Trial of the Indolent you will be trapped inside a small room, your task is to destroy The Idol of the Fallen Temple. Many mobs and Elites will try to keep you from doing so, prepare for battle.

After you destroy the Idol a Stone Carving will be revealed on the ground and an Overseer Elite will spawn, defeat the Overseer and take the Stone Carving back to The Antechamber of the Damned.

The Gluttonous Chapel

The objective is to make it through to the Trial of the Weak. (directions to follow are in the screenshot below) You will encounter many Elites and other mobs. When you enter The Trial of the Weak and click the Demonic Barrier you will be trapped inside a small room. Your task is to survive the assault until the barrier is dispelled.

When the Barrier is gone you can pick up the Bloodstone and take it to the pedestal in The Antechamber of the Damned. Placing the Barrier upon the pedestal will open up the final path to the south.

Cathedral of Flesh

The objective is to collect all the Animus from the Cannibals. These are tough elites with multiple modifiers. Once you have collected enough Animus it is time to deposit the Animus in the Urn. There will be 2 elites standing guard at the Urn, either fight them or run through the hallway. When you get to the bottom of the stairs the room will lock to fight the final boss, Elias.

Elias, Hatred’s Remnant

You have made it to the final part of this WT4 Capstone Dungeon, fighting Elias. Most of the attacks during this fight are ground targeted, keep an eye on safe areas. During the fight Elias will fire off a Fire Cone in a triangular shape in front of him, keeping to his sides or rear makes this attack easier to avoid. Also be mindful of the Beams of Fire in a triangular shape around Elias, on each corner he will summon a Balrog to assist him in the fight. As the fight continues Elias will fill the room with Circles of fire summoning mobs in each circle.

Most of these attacks have different variations. Elias will try to switch them around in order to win the fight, be mindful of where you stand to avoid most of the attacks.

What do you unlock after completing the WT4 Capstone Dungeon?

After defeating Elias and completing the WT4 Capstone Dungeon you will have unlocked the next tier in difficulty, World Tier 4. This is the highest difficulty currently available in Diablo 4. After completion you will also unlock the Echo of Hatred, Nevesk. Here you will find the Echo of Lilith, a level 100 boss. We recommend not trying this fight before level 100.


This concludes our WT4 Capstone Dungeon Guide, for more Diablo 4 content, be sure to check out our home page!