The Fourth and Final Level 3 Lost Ark Guardian Raid is Achates.  You will need to be Item level 920 to enter the Achates Guardian Raid.  THE ACHATES GUARDIAN RAID TAKES HIGH LEVEL OF COORDINATION TO COMPLETE. If it is possible to go in with a pre-made group, it is recommended to do so as Achates has a ton of difficult mechanics to overcome. Find out how to take finish this challenging Guardian Raid in our Lost Ark Achates Guardian Raid Guide.

USEFUL ITEMS TO BRING – Panacea, Destruction Bomb

Achates Guardian Raid Mechanics

  • White Flame Debuff – Achates attacks will place a debuff on you that will reduce the amount of incoming healing. Like most Debuffs in Lost Ark, you can use a Panacea or cleansing ability to remove stacks of the debuff. Once you get 4 stacks of the debuff, you will ignite in a white sphere that will cause you to give teammates White Flame stacks if you touch them.
  • Claw Spin – Achates will raise his claw and the slash forward. After he slashes, Achates will spin around quickly causing damage around him.
  • Charge – Achates crouches and then will charge forward in a straight path. Avoid this by stepping to the side
  • Cyclones – Achates will rear back, flap his wings, then shoot out 3 Cyclones in a large forward AOE cone. If you see Achates glowing Blue during this ability, you can hit him with a counter skill in the head to interrupt this ability and open a window for attack.
  • Ascendant Wings – Achates sits down and will glow white, pulling energy to him. This should be used as an opportunity to attack Achates as he does not deal damage during this Mechanic.
  • Cleaving Stomp – Achates will stomp on the ground creating White ruptures. These will eventually explode, so make sure to get off the white cleaves before you do so.
  • Cresent Moon Glyphs – Achates will sit down, lift his head, and roar to the sky. This will summon a crescent of white glyphs on the ground that will deal damage. During Cresent Moon, you can stand beside Achates to avoid damage.
  • Echoing Glyphs – A circle of Glphys will spawn around a player in your party. Once this occurs, an opposite pattern of Glyphs will spawn with one glyph in the middle and a larger circle of white glyphs around the outside (similar to a bullseye).
  • White Flame Aura – Achates will give a player in your party a Glowing Aura. The player with this Aura will need to move far away from the group before it ignites. Once the White Flame Aura ignites it will leave a white Flame AOE on the ground that will give White Flame Debuff stacks to those who touch it. You will see a smaller circle within the White Flame Aura closing in on you. When this circle is about to touch you, dodge, to avoid getting a White Flame Debuff stack on yourself.
  • Flaming Feathers – Achates shoots White Flaming Feathers forwards in a cone AOE attack. He will then stomp forwards, attacking the same area.
  • Fiery Breath – Achates head will ignite, then Achates will Breath fire EITHER forwards in a cone AOE attack OR Sweep the breath from side to side. Standoff to Achates side or rear to avoid damage and White Flame Debuff stacks
  • Fiery Rage Breath – Achates eyes will glow and then Achates will sweep fiery breath forwards back and forth quickly several times. As he does this he will prance backward. Standoff to Achates side to avoid damage and White Flame Debuff stacks.
  • Lazer Attack – Achates stands on his rear feet and summons thin yellow lazer triangles on the ground. You will want to move to the smaller spaces in between these triangles to avoid damage.
  • Take Flight – Achates will leap back and fly up in the air. He will then Sweep forward, dealing damage. Some times Achates will fly staight up after Take Flight and slam down to the ground, dealing more damage.
  • Wings of Desturction – Achates will Flap his wings once to get air born then flap his wings again viloenly, dealing damage under both of his wings in a large, side, AOE attack
  • Twin Curse – Two members of your party will be cursed. One will have a red arrow over thier head and the other a blue one. These two party members will then need to run to each other before time runs out to remove the curse.
  • Summon of the Kings – Achates will place a force field around him and summon Four Kings. Players must then kill the the Kings which will drop 3 colors of Gems. Players must pick up the gems that match the color of Achates barrier and throw them into it. This will break Achates barrier.
  • Enrage – If players fail Summon of the Kings, Achates will Enrage and create a Massive white glowing AOE attack around him with spinning White Spheres. Players need to run away far away from Achates to avoid heavy damage. Once enraged Achates will attack and move faster. You will need to stack stagger at this point to bring him back to his orginial state.

Achates Guardian Raid Strategy

Again, before we get started, THE BEST WAY TO DEFEAT ACHATES is to group up with people that you know with voice communications. Mechanics such as Twin Curse and Summon of the Kings require higher levels of communication than most Guardina Raids.

It is also important to coordinate movement during the White Flame Aura Mechanic. Players will need to dump the Flame AOE far away form the area to avoid causing difficulty for other members to deal damage.

Summon of the Kings – Achetes Enrage Mechanic

Heres were the Achates Gudardian Raid gets a bit challenging. Players will need to spread out to take down the Kings and throw the appropriate color of gem at Achetes Force Field to take it down. This pattern usually happens four times in a row so player need to play tight and make sure they are spreading out to there assigned King.

Next, Achetes will start to push small, damage dealing, copies of them gems out of the force field as the force field changes colors. At this point, there will only be one king available and one set of gems. three players should pick up each gem. The player with the appropriate colored gem can block the outward flowing, damage dealing, gems of the same color to protect the group. During this phase, the other players can throw any color of gem at the force field to break it.

Once players break Achetes’s Force Field, Players need to use BREAK abilities or Destuction Bombs to Break Achetes Wings. Doing so will prevent Achates from Enrage and open up a window to deal damage.

It is important to complete Summon of the Kings as efficently as possible or Achates will Enrage. If Achates Enrages, he will glow white dealing large amounts of damage in the area. Players need to run from far from Achates during this event to avoid heavy damage. Once this event is over players will need to stack stagger on Achates to return him back to his original state.

With good group coordination and watching your White Flame Stacks, you will have no problem defeating Achates and getting some well-earned Loot.

Achates Loot

  • Achates Card
  • Legendary Tier 2 Earrings, Necklace, and Amulets
  • Tier 2 Honing Material
  • Epic Ability Stones
  • Epic or Rare Class Engraving Recipe
  • Rare Galewind Skill Rune
  • Arkesia Event Coin (if there is an active event)

Achates Guardian Raid Guide Conclusion.

That does it for our Lost Ark Achates Raid guide.  Make sure to check out the next Guardian Raid Guide, Frost Helgaia.