The final level 4 Lost Ark Guardian Raid you will come up against in Lost Ark is the Alberhastic Guardian Raid.  Alberhastic is one of the most mechanic-heavy Guardian Raid fights with several “wipe” mechanics. You need to be Item level 1080 to enter this level 4 Guardian Raid.  Read below, as we break down everything you need to know about in this Alberhastic Guardian Raid Guide.

USEFUL ITEMS TO BRING Panacea, Whirlwind Grenade, HP Potion, Taunting Scarecrow.

Alberhastic Guardian Raid Mechanics

Key Mechanics

  • Transformer – Once Players find Alberhastic, he will cast a sphere shield around him and transform into one of his four forms. Each form will cast a different mechanic: Destruction Protocol, Opposite Day of Doom, and Cyclones of Safety
    • Destruction Protocol – Alberhastic will glow blue and start a WIPE mechanic. This can happen in 2 of his different forms and is VERY hard to spot. Players will need to stack stagger abilities or whirlwind grenades to stop the wipe.
    • Opposite Day of Doom – Alberhastic places yellow and white orbs onto the map. Players can touch these orbs to get an Aura of the same color. Soon, Alberhastic will glow EITHER yellow or white. Players must have the OPPOSITE color Aura of Alberhastic before time runs out and Alberhastic wipes the party.
    • Cyclones of Safety – Alberhastic will spawn four Cyclones on the map. Players will need to stay close to these but avoid getting hit by them. Soon, Alberhastic will leap into the air and slam to the ground. When Alberhastic leaps, players need to jump into the cyclones to prevent being wiped.
  • Orb of Power – Alberhastic will spawn an Orb somewhere in the area. This will appear as a yellow dot on the mini-map. Players need to destroy the orb before Alberhastic consumes it. If players do, they can pick up a blue orb that spawns in its place for a damage reduction buff. Destroying an Orb of Power also gives players a debuff. Once players get three of these they will take burn damage. Players need to use a Panacea to cleanse the debuff.

Other Mechanics

  • Pierce – Alberhastic Pierces a player with his spear. The rest of the party will need to stack stagger attacks or Whirlwind Grenades on Alberhastic to prevent the player from taking heavy damage.
  • Slam – Alberhastic will grab a player with his claw. Players will need to TIME their stagger attacks or Whirlwind attacks AS HE IS SMASHING the player to the ground.
  • Eruption – Alberhastic casts an AOE beneath him or in a ring around him that erupts and knocks players into the air. This ability deals a large amount of damage so its important to identify which Eruption it is. If it is the ring around him, make sure to move from underneath Alberhastic before he lands.
  • Beam of Destruction – Alberhastic casts a glyph that projects a laser beam at a player. This beam will deal large amounts of damage and knock the player up in the air. The Targeted player needs to avoid placing other players in the Beam of Destruction path.
  • Clone Charge – Instead of charging himself like most Guardians, Alberhastic will summon clones. These clones will charge forward in a path of AOE damage. Players should move behind Alberhastic during this spell to avoid the charge of the clone, and deal damage. In some forms, he will cast the Clones in a Large Cone AOE attack.
  • Circle of Silence – Alberhastic will summon a pink glowing AOE around him. Players will need to stay inside of this circle to avoid being silenced. Alberhastic will move during Circle of Silence.
  • Seeking Cyclones – Alberrhastic summons a PINK cyclone that follows around a player. This player needs to avoid other players to prevent damage to the group
  • Orb Wave – Alberhastic summons several pink orbs around him that will shoot out in all directions
  • Tic Tac Swipe – Alberhastic will attack in a forward AOE that looks like a Tic Tac Toe board.

Alberhastic Strategy

As stated above, Alberhastic has four forms in which he transforms throughout the fight. This is mainly important because it will change which wipe mechanic he will cast. Below, we will go over each of the four wipe mechanics so you can be prepared for each one.

Alberhastic Wipe Mechanics

When Alberhastic uses Destruction Protocol, players will need to stack stagger attacks. He will continue to use normal attacks to prevent players from doing so. Someone in your party can drop a Taunting Scarecrow to direct his attacks away from the party to make it easier to stagger Alberhastic, preventing a wipe. Again, Destruction Protocol is HARD to spot so it’s important for players to keep an eye out for the blue glow around Alberhastics torso and stack stagger as soon as possible.

During Opposite Day of Doom, Players will need to be patient as Alberhastic spawns in the orbs. Once he shows his color (white or yellow) players must touch an opposite-colored orb than Alberhastic to gain protection from the wipe. If for some reason a player makes a mistake, they can run far out of the area to avoid getting wiped

The Final Wipe mechanic, Cyclones of Safety, is pretty straightforward. Stay close to them until Alberhastic leaps into the air, then hop into them. If you touch on to early, make sure to use a Panacea to cleanse the debuff so that you can hop in during the wipe mechanic. IF YOU HAVE THE DEBUFF the Cyclone will not toss you in the air and you will die.

Other Strategies of the Alberhastic Guardian Raid

The other important mechanic in the Alberhastic Guardian Raid Guide is the Orbs of Power. Orb of Power is all about locating the orb and destroying it before Alberhastic consumes it. Look for the yellow dot on your mini-map and get there quickly. It is also important for players to keep track of the debuff from destroying the orb of power as it will cause burn damage once you reach 3 stacks. Players can use a Panacea or cleansing ability to prevent this from occurring. Remember to collect the blue orb after destroying the orb of power as well to protect you from some of the other wipe mechanics.

Complete all of Alberhastics Wipe Mechanics and the rest is pretty simple in comparison. If done correctly, you will have defeated one of Lost Arks most powerful and difficult Guardians.

Alberhastic Guardian Raid Loot

  • Alberhastic Card
  • Legendary Tier 2 Earrings, Necklace, and Amulets
  • Tier 2 Honing Material
  • Legendary Ability Stones
  • Epic or Rare Class Engraving Recipe
  • Epic Galewind Skill Rune
  • Arkesia Event Coin (if there is an active event)

Alberhastic Guardian Raid Guide Conclusion.

That does it for our Lost Ark Alberhastic Raid guide.  Make sure to check out the next Guardian Raid Guide, Armored Nacrasena.