When Lost Ark first came to Western audiences, we could only play 15 different classes at launch. We understand that learning a new game or a new class is never easy, so we’ve made things a little easier for you with our Lost Ark class guides. For both the PvP and PvE players!

All class guides feature leveling tips, skill builds, engravings, stats and combos you will all want to know. So, by the end of reading any of these guides, you will understand how to enjoy and be successful at any class of your choice.

Lost Ark Class Guides List

To make things a little easier for everyone, we’ve put all of our guides in one place, so you can easily access your favorite class guides, as well as explore every single class coming to the game. Check out our full list of class guides:

Also, we’ll make sure to keep these guides up to date with all the latest class information. We’ll no doubt see new classes and balance patches hit Lost Ark not long after release, so make sure to keep your eyes on the class pages for information as it becomes available! 

If you’re new to the game or just want to learn more, make sure to also check out our guides section, which covers just about everything about the game, ranging from the basics to in-depth tips and tricks (with more guides on the way every day!).