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All Lost Ark Server Communities & How To Pick Your Server

With the January update dropping a ton of new info, Lost Ark players are scrambling to prepare themselves for launch. One major topic has been servers, most importantly, how to choose the right server. We’ve been scouring Lost Ark communities to see where players are planning to go and have created a list of all Lost Ark server communities. Let’s take a look at what the plans are for each server.

Does It Matter Which Lost Ark Server You Pick?

First things first – does it actually matter which server you pick? The answer is, well, it depends. Lost Ark is mostly regional-based, with most content being accessible via a cross-server group finder and the auction house being shared across entire regions. 

There is some server-specific content, however. This includes: PvP unranked custom matches, Island PvP, Guild vs Guild events, Rowen region, and guilds themselves. 

So, it really depends on what you want to do. As long as you’re playing on the same server as your friends, you can access all the game content with them. However, if you want to do Chaos Dungeons or unranked Pvp, for example, with people on other servers, that won’t be possible. 

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All Lost Ark Servers and Their Communities 

Some communities are deciding which servers to play on early, unofficially marking servers specifically for those communities. This is most important in regions with multiple languages, such as Europe and South America. Here’s a list of all Lost Ark servers and what the plans for them are so far: 

(Last updated Feb 19, 09:12 GMT)

Europe Central Servers 

  • Neria – Unofficial Polish & Italian server
  • Kadan – English, PvP hub
  • Trixion – Unofficial French server
  • Calvasus – English
  • Thirain – English
  • Zinnervale – Unofficial English/Scandinavian server
  • Asta – Unofficial German Server
  • Wei – Unofficial Spanish server, some Portuguese presence
  • Slen – English
  • Procyon – English
  • Sceptrum – English
  • Beatrice – English
  • Inanna – English
  • Thaemine – English
  • Sirius – English
  • Antares – English
  • Brelshaza – English
  • Nineveh – English
  • Mokoko – English

Europe West Servers

  • Rethramis – English
  • Tortoyk – English
  • Moonkeep – English
  • Stonehearth – English
  • Shadespire – English
  • Tragon – English
  • Petrania – English
  • Punika – English

US East Servers

  • Azena – English, PvP hub
  • Una – English
  • Regulus – English, some Spanish communities
  • Avesta – English
  • Galatur – English, Streamer server
  • Karta – English
  • Ladon – English
  • Kharmine – English
  • Elzowin – English, some Spanish communities
  • Sasha – English
  • Adrinne – English
  • Aldebaran – English
  • Zosma – English
  • Vykas – English
  • Danube – English

US West Servers 

  • Mari – English
  • Valtan – OCE & some Spanish community presence 
  • Enviska – English
  • Akkan – English
  • Shandi – English
  • Rohendel – English

South America Servers 

  • Kazeros – Unofficial Brazilian server
  • Agaton – Unofficial Spanish server
  • Gienah – SA mix
  • Arcturus – SA mix
  • Yorn – SA mix
  • Feiton – SA mix
  • Vern – SA mix
  • Kurzan – SA mix
  • Prideholme – SA mix

That’s all the Lost Ark Server Communities. We’ll keep this page updated with any news. If you don’t see your language or community anywhere, they may still be deciding, so make sure to check back before launch and get read to enjoy Lost Ark

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