The first level 5 Guardian Raid you will come up against in Lost Ark is the Armored Nacrasena. This Guardian is a scorpion that follows the similar tail break mechanics of Narcasena, however this version is a bit tougher and may shock you. Item level 1302 is required to enter. So keep on reading, as we break down everything you need to know about in this Armored Nacrasena Guardian Raid Guide.

Useful Items HP Potion, Corrosive/Destruction Bomb, Pheromone Bomb.

Weak Against Earth– Guardian will take 10% more damage from Earth Attacks.

Armored Nacrasena Guardian Raid Mechanics

Armored Nacrasena Guardian Raid Guide Electric Attack
Armored Nacrasena’s Eletric Charge

Key Mechanics

  • Electric Charge – Armored Nacrasena will stand still with their tail above their head charging up an AoE electric attack. This attack can be interrupted if the team is fast enough on the Stagger Damage. However the window to do this is rather small. Additionally this attack can one shot players, so make sure the party has shields!
    • It takes 3 charges for the attack to trigger. Additionally, charges that were built up from a previous attack will count towards this count. Meaning you may want to not try and interrupt the second time. Additionally, having 3 charges will change some of the normal attacks to have a stun.
    • To know how many charges Armored Nacrasena will have, watch the electricity from the tail. Each time the electricity reaches the body’s back from the tail, a new charge will be added.
  • Tail Break & Cut – After staggering Armored Nacrasena, the Tail’s Weak Point will be exposed. This is the only chance for you to break the armor on it. Use high Destruction/Weak Point abilities to break off the armor. After the armor is off, you can continue in the same fashion to cut off the tail. Please note that countering will not trigger the Tail’s weak point.
  • Charge Attack [Counterable] – As with all counterable attacks, Armored Nacrasena will highlight blue. However, before it appears, they will take a few steps backwards while quickly swinging their claws while kicking up dirt. Failure to counter will cause them to charge forward swinging their claws widely a few times. Afterwards rotate and charge forward for a second time. Sometimes they will roll on the ground causing the second charge to not occur.
Armored Nacrasena Guardian Raid Guide Large Electric Attack
Armored Nacrasena’s Lightning Storm followed up with a Lightning Strike on the right

Other Mechanics

  • Claw Swipe – Armored Nacrasena will lightly tap their left and right claws on the ground and then swipe with them one after the other in a forward attack. Stay away from the front to dodge the attack.
  • Claw Slam – Armored Nacrasena will take a two steps forward and slam the left and then right claw on the ground in front of them. Simple forward attack, stay away from the front to dodge.
  • Rotating Summersault – A quick jump into the air where they roll up into a ball. When landing, they will be facing the opposite direction. If you see them suddenly jump, move away from the area they were facing to dodge the attack. The AoE around the Guardian from landing is small.
  • Backwards Charge – Armored Nacrasena will place both claws on the ground and charge backwards in a wavy S shape. This attack is quick and can be hard to dodge. Ideally you will want to use your dodge on this attack to avoid it.
  • Lightning Storm– Armored Nacrasena will beat the ground like war drums, then cross their claws and beat on the ground once more to summon a wave of Lightning Storms around them. You will want to dodge the quickly forming lightning circles on the ground or run out.
  • Burrow & Adds– Armored Nacrasena will burrow under the ground and small dust cloud will indicate their location underground. While going underground, they will some scorpion adds for you to kill. Failure to kill the adds in under 10 seconds will super charge them with a lightning, hurting anyone near the adds.
  • Upwards Jump– Armored Nacrasena takes a step backwards and then forward while crossing their front claws to indicate they are about the jump. After which they will jump directly up one or two times which knocks players when hit. Additionally will stun if boss has 3 stacks of the Electric Charge.
  • Electric Breath – Armored Nacrasena leans slightly backwards and sucks in a breath of air to start the attack. Shortly after a small lunge forward and a dark cone breath attack will follow. Sometimes they will only do the cone breath once, but most of the time a second one will follow directly towards Armored Nacrasena’s left (Clockwise) side. Failure to dodge this attack will massively drain your combat resources (Mana/Energy), leading to a huge DPS loss and a longer fight. Additionally you will move slowly until the debuff falls off.
  • Lightning Strike – Light blue areas on the ground will light up indicating a Lightning Strike will come down on the location. Simply move out of the area before the Lightning Strike comes and you will be fine.
  • Lightning Stream – Armored Nacrasena charge’s their tail with electric power and shoots it twice towards the target player. If hit, the player will be stunned for a few seconds. Run around the boss to avoid the attack and try to run away from party members. The targeting for this attack, has the boss turn towards the target and keep looking at them.

Armored Nacrasena Strategy

Armored Nacrasena has two different forms, the simple, but quick starting form and then the super charged electric form. The first phase of the fight the idea is to quickly damage them before they can charge up and push out the damage and stuns. While putting down the heat on the Guardian, make sure to stop the Electric Charge attack by staggering the charge up.

The goal is to break the tail and then cut the tail before the three charges of Electric Charge occur, however chances are you will have to survive through one wave of it before you can cut the tail. This is due to the armor protecting the tail and it taking 2-3 staggers before you can actually cut it.

While 3 charges of Electric Charge are active, make sure to stay on your toes and dodge often as many of the attacks will have a stun effect with them. Additionally, put on as many staggering attacks as you can so you can cut the tail or force the guardian to move. If the guardian does move, the Electric Charge will dissipate. Meaning they will need to charge it back up 3 times again.

Armored Nacrasena Guardian Raid Loot

  • Armored Nacrasena Card
  • Rare Tier 3 Earrings, Necklace, and Amulets
  • Tier 3 Honing Material
  • Rare Ability Stones
  • Epic or Legendary Class Engraving Recipe
  • Epic Galewind Skill Rune

Armored Nacrasena Guardian Raid Guide Conclusion

That does it for our Lost Ark Armored Nacrasena Guardian Raid Guide. Make sure to check out the next Guardian Raid Guide, Igrexion.