The excitement for Lost Ark continues to build, with the game set to come out in early 2022 following a popular closed beta test. While anticipation builds, developer’s SmileGate have revealed that we will see a special announcement at The Game Awards and they delivered with a final release date!

Lost Ark To Release On February 11

It’s about as official as it gets, with the Lost Ark team featuring a launch reveal trailer at The Game Awards – revealing an February 11 release date, or February 8 for Founder’s Pack owners.

This means we’ll finally see the game in all it’s glory on western shores and it still hits an early 2022 target! Alongside the release date reveal, we saw some awesome gameplay and can now get hyped for February. You can check out the reveal below and see you in Arkesia!

Lost Ark Game Awards Announcement

It was revealed on December 8 that there will be a special Lost Ark announcement at The Game Awards. The event kicks off on December 9 at 17:00 PT (that’s 01:00 UTC on December 10) promising an evening of awards and exciting announcements. 

You can catch the event live on YouTube, and there will no doubt be official posts coming out of Lost Ark social pages throughout the event. 

The exact details of the announcement haven’t been revealed, but it’s unlikely that we’ll see anything other than the release date. We already know all the classes coming to the game, have seen lots of extra region support added, and got to thoroughly test it out during the beta.

Some fans already theorized that the announcement was coming before it was revealed. This is because the western version of Lost Ark was first revealed during Summer Games Fest, and The Game Awards are another huge event where the biggest reveals take place.