The Wild Wings Event is over and now the Heartbeat Island Event is underway. Head on over to the island just outside of Anikka to spend your Festival Coin for some sweet items. You must have an item level of 250 or greater to enter this event. Additionally, the event will end on July 20th, 2022, so make sure to get your weekly purchases as often as possible before it is over. We encourage you to use a [Bifrost] Waypoint just outside of the Island so you can quickly get there.

Introduction to Heartbeat Island Event

Heartbeat Island just outside of Anikka

Head on over to the Heartbeat Island to unlock your daily quests and learn more about the event. Upon entering the island, you will find a dwarf, Jollous, near the entrance with the quest [Event] Beginning of Summer. A simple quest that has you read open and read the provided letter. Upon completion you will earn 50 Festival Coin and unlock the quest [Event] Hotter and Hotter. Jollous now wants to test your musical (Play Song of Valor) and dancing skills (Use a dance emote). Head over to Della, the rewards vendor, to complete the quest. Additionally, this quest will award you with 50 Festival Coin.

Introduction to the Heartbeat Island Event
Introduction quests for Heartbeat Island

Daily Heartbeat Island Event Quests

After finishing the introduction to the event, players unlock 3 daily quests that they can do for additional Festival Coin. [Daily] Tranquil as the Sea, [Daily] Don’t You Worry, and [Daily] A Song for You are the 3 quests that are VERY easy to do. So easy, that you may feel as though you wasted 10 minutes doing them.

Each of the daily quest has you stand around for 3 minutes at a location to earn credit for completing it. That’s all there is to them. For 100 Festival Coin each quest for a total of 300 Festival Coin for ~10 minutes worth of ‘effort’.

Daily 3 quests for Heartbeat Island Event

The Very Best Dance (Mini-Event)

10 minutes before the hour and every hour there after, The Very Best Dance mini-event will start on Heartbeat Island. Players will need to complete 20 Sway emotes (left circle) and 20 Umarka emotes (right circle) to complete the event. You will earn 200 Festival Coins and 70 Roster Experience by taking part of the event.

Sway & Umarka event

Shining Night of Arkesia (Mini-Event)

Every hour on the hour, the Shining Night of Arkesia mini-event will start on Heartbeat Island for players to earn more Festival Coin. The Dancing Queen Rekiel will spawn in the middle of the dance floor and will drop Festival Coin every so often after damaging them. To damage Rekiel, players must pick up a Lost Ark Glowstick on the West, North, or Eastern area of the dance floor. The Glowstick will have 2 abilities; the Q ability is “Atk. Speed Increase” causing your attacks to swing faster and the W ability is “Move Speed Increase” causing you to move faster.

Players are encouraged to remove their gear for this event as all your attacks will always do 1 point of damage. Meaning, if you die you will save silver on your gear repairs.

Dancing Queen Event
Dancing Queen Rekiel

Rekiel Notable Abilities & Attacks

  • Damage Immunity – Rekiel can only take damage from Glowsticks. Any other source of damage will not affect them.
  • Putrid Breath– Rekiel will bend over and pretend to shovel food into their mouth. Shortly afterwards they will spew out a putrid breath in a 45° cone in front of them.
  • Darkness Worms – Rekiel will summon many red AoE circles for players to avoid. Anyone stuck in them will get chomped by some darkness worms and knocked into the air.
  • Fearful Scream – Rekiel fill a large area with a blue AoE circle and unleash a scream that will fear anyone in it. Fear will last 5 seconds.
  • Ballerina Dash – Rekiel will do a ballerina spin twice and then dash towards a random player.
  • Ballerina Jump – Rekiel will perform a ballerina spin and then jump. Any players under Rekiel when they land will take damage. Rekiel will then spin for a second time and jump again.
  • [Stagger] Sing – Rekiel will start to sing. Players need to break the Stagger Bar before the attack finishes or be charmed.
  • Jab – Rekiel will reach out their their arm and jab any players in front of them.

Heartbeat Island Event Rewards

The event will be around for 3 weeks, meaning you will only need to spend 19,415 Festival Coin to purchase everything between the start and finish of the event. The first tab, Special Sales, requires 9,710 Festival Coin while the second tab, Honing Materials, requires the final 9,705 Festival Coin.

Not everyone may want the Tier 1, 2, or 3 materials based upon where they are in progress or alts. So, lets take a look at different possibilities that may interest you; All Tier 1 materials for 3 weeks will cost 600 from the Special Sales and 1,890 in Honing Materials for a total of 2,490 Festival Coin. All Tier 2 materials will cost 600 in the Special Sales tab and 2,520 in Honing Materials for a total of 3,120 Festival Coin. Finally Tier 3 materials in the Special Sales tab will cost 2,700 while the Honing Materials will cost 5,295 Festival Coins for a total of 7,995 Festival Coin for all of Tier 3.

Heartbeat Island Event Rewards