If you are looking to play with friends, family, and/or a certain community, then Lost Ark Guilds are what you are looking for. Like most MMO’s, Lost Ark has a guild system that lets you easily interact with people and form communities to take on challenges around the game. Lets take a look at how the Guild system works in Lost Ark.

How to Create a Guild

The first step of getting into a guild is knowing if you plan to make one or join one. Lets first take a look at creating a guild. To do this, you first must be out of the introduction zone and have 2,000 Silver to spend.

Once you meet the requirements to create a guild, open the Guild UI [Alt + U] and select the “Create Guild” tab. On the creation screen, you can pick a guild name, description and to be part of the Suggested Guilds List. You can update the Guild Flag once you create the Guild.

lost ark guild creation ui
Guild Creation Screen

How to Join a Guild

Meanwhile, if creating a guild isn’t what you want, then lets look at joining a guild in Lost Ark. If you know the name of the guild you wish to join, then this will be an easy process for you. However if you are unsure, then it make take a little bit of hunting for the right community.

When you first open the Lost Ark Guild UI [Alt +U], you are presented with the Suggested Guilds tab. This is the list of guilds that are seeking more members and requested to be part of the Suggested Guilds List option. You can browse and find the guild you want using this list. However, if you know the name of the guild you wish to join, then enter the name at the top right search area and search.

When you find the guild you wish to join, you must click on the option they provide on the righthand side. It will be one of 4; Join Instantly, Join Instantly (With Restrictions), Enter Password, or Request. These are rather straight forward as to what they mean. Join Instantly will let you instantly join the guild with the click of a button. Join Instantly (With Restrictions) will let you know instantly if you qualify. Enter Password requires you to enter in a password to join. And finally, Request will sent your name to the guild for an Officer or GM to accept you into the guild.

What Are The Benefits of Being in a Lost Ark Guild?

Now that you know how to make and join a guild, you may be asking yourself: why should I even be in a guild? Unlike other MMOs, there are actually a ton of benefits to being in a Lost Ark guild. 

You have access to a unique shop, guild quests, skills, research, and content. This makes being in a guild very valuable as it can give you some powerful rewards, as well as a ton more things to do in-game. Let’s take a look at all the features one by one. 

Guild Contribution and Rewards

The biggest impact of guilds is the whole participation and contribution system, which gives a ton of rewards. It can be pretty overwhelming, but we’ll break it all down. 

Each guild has a unique currency available to them, Guild Bloodstones and Sylmael Bloodstones. At the weekly reset, the guild will automatically provide these stones to the guild and players. The amount awarded depends on the guild settings and character contribution. Additionally, players can earn extra Sylmael Bloodstones by using the Guild Donation feature.

You can use Sylmael Bloodstones at the guild shop. The guild shop is a unique shop for the guild you are in and offers powerful rewards. Such as; honing materials, entrance tickets, and silver. The stock resets weekly, so make sure you are purchasing every week! The guild shop is in every major city.

The Guild Bloodstones are the remaining Sylmael Bloodstones that didn’t get distributed to the guild members at distribution. The Guild Bloodstones upgrade the guild through Research or reroll a Weekly Task.

What is Lost Ark Guild Research?

Guild research is a way to improve your guild. This is where the Guild Master or Officers can spend Guild Bloodstones to upgrade the Guild. Currently, the upgrades are Weekly Tasks and the Guild Shop. Additional upgrades will come later, such as Guild Skills. 

These upgrades will provide you with better quest rewards, more options for quests, and additional purchasing options from the guild shop. This will be one of the major focal points for progressing your guild for future content!

Guild Research List UI

What is Guild vs Guild and Guild vs Environment?

Guild vs Guild and Guild vs Environment is currently a feature of KR and RU servers at this time. The NA players will have access to this functionality at a later date. We’re providing this information so you can prepare your community for things to come.

Now, getting to one of the biggest factors of guilds: GvG and GvE content. Some content in the game is only accessible to guilds and must be done in a guild format. This includes both PvP and PvE content, and here’s how it works.

Guild vs Guild content is a weekly PvP mode for guilds. It is currently known as Island Capture. It is a weekly event for guilds to compete over control of a contested island. This generally includes taking down some enemies while fighting opposing guild players, though there are different islands with different game modes.

GvG content rewards players with guild participation and contribution, meaning it’s important to do if you want to increase your standing in your guild and get rewards. 

Meanwhile, Guild vs Environment is a guild boss raid. You can do this anytime and it’s the PvE alternative of guild activities. For GvE, you pick an island and aim to take down the end boss as fast as possible, racing against other Lost Ark guilds on a leaderboard. The higher you place, the more rewards you get. 

Both of these have a bit more to them, and we’ll break down the specifics once it releases in NA! 

What Are Lost Ark Guild Skills?

Guild Skills is currently a feature of KR and RU servers at this time. The NA players will have access to this functionality at a later date. We’re providing this information so you can prepare your community for things to come.

Another interesting factor of guilds is guild skills. These are skills that are limited to GvG and GvE content, but come in very handy during those events. 

They’re available for any class and to use guild skills you need to both research them and spend a currency currently known as Mana-Crystals. Mana-Crystals can purchase with Guild Bloodstones. It’s very likely they will be called Mana Bloodstones on release.

That covers the basics of guilds! There’s quite a lot to Lost Ark Guilds and it can be a complicated process, especially if you’re new. However, it’s also a unique system that means there’s actual progression and always something to do with a guild, unlike in other MMOs.