The Lost Ark Closed beta is almost upon us, with it being set to arrive on November 4 and last for a whole week. With many fans keen to get into the game, Smilegate have announced a new way to get Lost Ark Beta – Twitch drops! 

Lost Ark Beta Twitch Drops

If you’ve not yet been lucky enough to get a Lost Ark beta key, you can earn one through Twitch! A group of content creators have been selected to give out keys to viewers, both manually and through drops. This means you have a chance to get a beta key simply by watching. 

To get a key, all you have to do is tune into a Lost Ark stream from November 4, and look for a “drops enabled” icon below their title. If they have this icon, it means you can get a key by watching. 

A full list of streamers with drops is yet to be revealed, but here are the names we know so far: 



Other Ways To Get Lost Ark Beta

If you want to guarantee access or just get into beta before the streamers go live, you can do so! There are multiple ways of getting into beta. These are: buying a Founder’s Pack to guarantee access, or signing up for a chance to be invited.

Remember, you can also preload the Lost Ark beta from November 2! This means you can download the game early and jump right into action the second beta launches. However, to do this you’ll need a beta key, so it may be worth buying a Founder’s Pack or keeping your eyes peeled for giveaways.

Whichever way you choose to get into beta, we wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing you in Arkesia!