The Lost Ark Powerpass is here to help! Developers revealed that two Vern Powerpass will be available for free to players, allowing us to boost characters to level 50! Additionally, one Feiton Powerpass.

Let’s take a look at exactly how these work and how to unlock them.

What Is The Lost Ark Powerpass?

The Powerpass is a special in-game item that allows you to quickly level any character to level 50 and completes a set of MSQ Quests and content. Consuming the Vern Powerpass and Feiton Powerpass items from the inventory doesn’t activate it, so feel free to use it from inventory. However, activating it from your Character Selection screen will start the process of actually using your Powerpass.

Use of the pass will boost your character depending on your selection. The Vern Pass will boost you all the way to the start of Tier 1 content, while the Feiton Pass will boost your character to Tier 2.5. In short, the boost will take you to the location for the name of the Pass for progression (Vern or Feiton).

Additionally, you will have to spend about 1 hour with Beatrice in Trixion for some special rewards. But, the process with Beatrice is skippable at the cost of missing out on some special one-time rewards.

How To Unlock Lost Ark Powerpass

Unlocking the Powerpass is a straightforward and very easy process. All you need to do is level a character up to level 50 and finish the appropriate quest. You’ll be earn the Vern Powerpass once you complete the quest Ealyn’s Gift. And then you will earn the Feiton Powerpass after finishing the quest Will.

When the quest is complete, you will automatically be sent an in-game mail with the appropriate Powerpass. If for some reason you didn’t get one, it may be due to the current limitations in place. As you can only have 2 Vern and 1 Feiton Passes at this time.

The second Vern Powerpass is attainable with the same methods as the first. However, the nice part about the second one is that you will unlock it from using the first one! Meaning you only need to level 1 character to 50 and do the Vern Quests to then have 3 characters Vern ready!

Be careful when using your Powerpass! There is no way to tell when we will be getting more. As this was only part of the catch-up mechanics for Lost Ark NA’s release. But, make sure you use them before time runs out, as they are only around for a short time. Additionally, you can’t even buy them from the MTX store!

Showing the limited time on the Feiton Pass

That’s it for our Lost Ark Powerpass guide. If anything else happens to change with the Powerpass, it will be change here as well! Happy adventures! Feel free to connect with us in Discord.