The Lost Ark beta is finally upon us, and many of us have our hands full with discovering how the game works. One of the key issues of the game is traveling, which can take quite some time at the start, however, you can get a mount in Lost Ark and here’s how.

Where to Get a Mount in Lost Ark

Getting a mount in Lost Ark is actually fairly simple and happens pretty quickly in the beta. To get a mount, all you need to do is follow the main story up to around late level 11. At this point, the game will send you to Loghill to explore the area and deal with some grave robbers.

This is where your first mount comes in. You want to follow the main quest until you get the quest ‘What Robbers Want’, which happens in the Archbishop Statue Ruins in Loghill. After defeating a mini-boss, you’ll be sent to the South part of the subzone, where you can turn in the quest and pick one of three mounts.

The first mounts in Lost Ark are pretty basic, offering a choice between a while, brown, or back horse. It doesn’t matter which you pick as they’re all the same, just with different skins.

Now that you know how to get a mount, it’s time to speed around Arkesia and get those quests done! 

Different Lost Ark Mounts And Skins

If you want to spice up your ride in Lost Ark, you’ll need to obtain different mounts. Generally, mounts are pretty similar, with slight differences like offering different skills, or more speed, but you’ll find that later in the game.

You can earn different mounts through a variety of activities that you’ll discover in the game, although, if you hate horses, you may want to invest in a Founders Patch which offers an epic-looking three-headed wolf mount.