The second level 5 Guardian Raid you will come up against in Lost Ark is the Igrexion. This Guardian is a unique behemoth-like monster with many different elemental attacks. Item level 1340 is required to enter. Keep on reading, as we break down everything you need to know about in this Igrexion Guardian Raid Guide.

Useful Items HP Potion, Panacea, Sacred Charm, Pheromone Bomb.

Weak Against Fire – Guardian will take 10% more damage from Fire Attacks.

Igrexion Guardian Raid Guide Mechanics

Igrexion has 3 different phases in which all of his attacks will change along with the element they are attacking with. First phase they will be Dark. Second phase will be EarthLightening. Final phase will be Fire. The transition to second phase will occur after Igrexion uses ~10 attacks, while the final phase will transition at ~25% health.

Igrexion Guardian Raid Guide - Phase 1 into 2 transition
Igrexion Guardian Raid Guide – Phase 1 transition into Phase 2

Key Mechanics (Dark Phase)

  • Breath Charge – Igrexion will raise their head upwards and push themselves upwards on their front legs while taking in a quick breath of air. Shortly afterwards they will charge forward while breathing out dark breath on anyone in the path.
  • Dark Spin – Igrexion will take a single step back with their front right leg, like they are preparing to spin around. Shortly after they 360° spin in place, knocking anyone close backwards and debuffing them with darkness.

Key Mechanics (Earth Phase)

  • Earthen Field – Appears at the start of Phase 2 and will come back each time Igrexion charges up energy. Similar to the phase transition, the energy charge can be staggered to prevent the ability from triggering. Igrexion takes a defensive stance and you can see energy flowing into them while the build up is happening. While Earthen Field is active, players will slowly gain up to 60 stacks of slow.
    • Use Panacea to clear stacks.
  • Lightning Ball & Breath – Igrexion shoot out a ball of lightning in front of them and it will travel for ~30 meters before it explodes. When the ball explodes, it will produce a breath like cone attack towards Igrexion. Move to the sides to dodge when you see the lightning ball.
  • Lightning Breath – Igrexion breaths in a large amount of air and will spew it out in a cone in front of them. Provides plenty of time to move to the sides to dodge when you see them breathing in the air.
  • Breath Earth Eruption – Igrexion animates the same way as Breath Charge, however after taking in the breath of air, they will force it down in front of them. Shortly after a bunch of Earth Eruptions around the Guardian will appear that you will need to dodge.
  • Earthen Leap – Igrexion quickly leaps into the air, but falls slowly enough that you may dodge them. 2 seconds after landing, an earth circle will appear around the Guardian hurting anyone in mid range. Either run out far or stick close to the boss after they land to dodge the circle.
  • Triple Lightning Bolt – Igrexion lifts up his right foot and smashes it downwards. When their foot hits the ground, 3 Lightning Bolts shoot out of their foot. One directly forward facing, and two others in opposite 35° angles making it very similar to a cone attack. It is possible to stand between bolts, however doing so is a bit harder than just running away from the cone area.
Igrexion Guardian Raid Guide - Lightening Ball & Breath Attack
Lightening Ball & Breath attack

Key Mechanics (Fire Phase)

All attacks are now come with a long fire dot debuff. Meaning if you are hit by anything at this point you will slowly die due to the dot. Ideal to use your Sacred Charms in this phase to save allies from a slow death.

  • Breath Fire Eruption – Igrexion attacks very similar to the Breath Earth Eruption attack. However the major difference in this version is that a full circle fire wave will shoot out from the Guardian when Igrexion starts to breath into the ground. Additionally, the Fire Eruptions do not move, but will constantly go off in the same spot.
  • Fire Breath – Igrexion breaths in a large amount of air and will spew it out in a cone in front of them. Provides plenty of time to move to the sides to dodge when you see them breathing in the air.
  • Fire Shockwave – The attack is similar to that of the Triple Lightning Bolt attack. However, after the foot smashes into the ground, a fiery-earth circular shockwave will go out from the foot. Simply run away from Igrexion when they are charging up the attack.
  • Triple Fire Rifts – Igrexion lifts up their head as though they are preparing for a breath attack, however the front two feet also come off the ground giving them more of an upwards stance while standing on the back two legs. They will then slam the front feet into the ground to summon 3 Fire Rifts in an orthogonal formation around them. Run between the rifts or away from the Guardian to avoid.

Basic Mechanics

Each phase Igrexion has some basic attacks that are thrown into the mix to try and mess you up. Things like a normal charge, tail slams and claw swipes. All these attacks look like other telegraphs, so they are not easy to pick out. That said, it is best to assume each attack is a key mechanic attack and avoid it as such.

Igrexion Strategy

Phase 1 – Dark

The Dark phase where most of the attacks come with a stackable blindness debuff. Don’t use your Battle Items to remove the blindness, even though it sucks, as you need to save them for later phases. Overall this first phase is rather straight forward and quick, just dodge and attack when you are able. Additionally, if the team wants, they can just avoid Igrexion after engaging them

Phase 2 – Earth / Lightening

The second phase starts when Igrexion huddles down and starts to charge up earthen energies around themselves. While it is possible to stagger and delay the transition to phase 2, it is not ideal as it is easier to attack when you can see and phase 2 is easier. The major hurdle for phase is that you are getting slower and slower over time. However, the use of Panacea easily counters that problem making this phase a joke. Just make sure to use Panaceas around 45-50 stacks of slow.

Phase 3 – Fire

The final phase starts ~25% HP and Igrexion charges up into their Fire form. Keep in mind that all the dodge tactics you know up to this point are different now, but the animations for the attacks are basically the same. The problem with this phase is the long Fire debuff that you can get from a majority of the attacks. Without a doubt the debuff will slowly kill you if left alone. At this phase, you will want to make use of the Sacred Charms to help your allies stay alive. Alternatively, Panacea if you are solo.

So, dodge at much as you can! However, if lag or other distractions occur, make sure to use your battle items to make it through the encounter at the end.

Igrexion Guardian Raid Guide Loot

  • Igrexion Card
  • Epic Tier 3 Earrings, Necklace, and Amulets
  • Tier 3 Honing Material
  • Ability Stones
  • Epic or Legendary Class Engraving Recipe
  • Galewind Skill Rune

Igrexion Guardian Raid Guide Conclusion

That does it for our Lost Ark Igrexion Guardian Raid Guide. Make sure to check out the next Guardian Raid Guide, Night Fox Yoho. Alternatively, check out the previous Guardian Raid, Armored Nacrasena!