Greetings Heroes of Arkesia; June’s content update “Wrath of the Covetous” will be going live June 30th and we will be looking at the June Patch Notes! All NA servers will be going offline at 12AM PST (7AM UTC) and will be offline for 4 hours for this update. Lots of changes are coming with this update, so lets take a look at them!

Weekly Update & Reset Timing

Starting next week, server resets will occur on Wednesdays. Meaning after this update we will only have 6 days to do any of our weekly activities. So, make sure you plan accordingly!

Vykas Legion Raid

June Patch Notes - Wrath of the Covetous

Vykas follows Valtan as the second Legion Raid arriving into the Western version of Lost Ark. In this raid, you’ll face dangerously beguiling members of the Covetous Legion before battling Legion Commander Vykas in her ‘Garden of Crimson Delight’. No revives are available mid-battle, so be ready to fight for your life. Vykas is an eight-player Legion raid, has 3 gates, and is complete with a swathe of new unique characteristics, abilities, and mechanics. Players will need to be Item Level 1430 to attempt Normal difficulty, and 1460 for Hard.

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Kungelanium Guardian Raid

New Guardian Raid

A fearsome force of evil in the Chain War, Kungelanium has awoken from his glacial slumber by the re-emergence of the Demon Legions and the Chaos spreading throughout Arkesia. Joining Deskaluda, the frost predator Kungelanium will enter the gauntlet of powerful Level 6 Guardians available to challenge in a Guardian Raid. Kungelanium will be available for players to challenge once they reach item level 1460 or higher. Like other Guardian Raids, you can attempt to vanquish alone, with a party, or matchmake with up to three other heroes.

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June Patch Notes Thornspire

Arriving in Arkesia with the Demonic invasion after the events in South Vern, The Demon’s Tower is connected to Petrania— the world home to Kazeros’s Demon Legions. A distorted dimension has been created by the resonance between Petrania and the Tower. The Holy Sacrian Empire has confirmed that Demons are invading through this dimension, and have named it Thronespire. The dimension is growing, and is threatening Arkesia. The priests and knights of the Holy Sacrian Empire are trying to hold their ground, but they’re running short on supplies. Defeat the Demons pouring out of the Thronespire and defend Arkesia.

Thronespire is a new single-player dungeon experience in a twisted dimension with 50 levels. In Thronespire, you’ll battle until you run out of time, working to defeat as many levels and enemies as possible before you meet your match and succumb to the Demon Legions. Completing the first 25 levels grant first-time clear rewards (you’ll earn rewards for every level you conquer). The other 25 levels are focused on prestige and completion times— proving you have the solo skills it takes to conquer anything the Demon Legions throw your way. Players will need to be Item Level 1325 to participate.

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Heartbeat Island

Heartbeat Island

Need some R&R after fighting the Demonic Legions in Arkesia’s hot summer months? Spend some time relaxing on the beach or dancing with your friends on the new event island: Heartbeat Island. You can find Heartbeat Island by speaking to Jollous, the festival expert located in major cities, or by sailing directly to it (located near Anikka). You do not need to complete a quest in a City to enter, and once you’ve visited, you can use the Ocean Liner to return!

Once you’ve arrived on Heartbeat Island you can collect Festival Coins through various activities, which can be exchanged for a variety of rewards. There are daily quests where you receive Festival Coins just by relaxing in a designated area, and hourly quests for dancing and defeating Rekiel, the Dancing Queen.

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General Updates & Quality of Life Changes

Below is a list of notable updates and QoL changes for the June Patch Notes. Please note that this doesn’t include all of them, but ones that Amazon Games felt were note worthy.

  • Added Stronghold Research that improves alternate characters’ honing rates on their journey to Item Level 1415. This can be researched at Item Level 1460.
  • Added a CAPTCHA system as an ongoing bot prevention measure. Sometimes when entering a new zone, you may be asked to submit a text CAPTCHA response within several minutes.
  • Refreshed the daily log-in reward track.
  • Added new settings to change the Damage font size.
  • Chest contents can now be sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Added preventions to limit gold-seller activity. New store purchases will now have a 3 day waiting period before they can be traded or transferred out of the buyer’s account via mailing, trading, gifting, or selling on the Auction House.
  • Updated some localization text and in-game terminology. For example, Tier 3 honing stones have changed from Guardian Stone Crystals to Crystallized Guardian Stones.

Bug Fixes

Below is a list of notable changes for this June Patch Notes. Please note that this doesn’t include all of them, but ones that Amazon Games felt were note worthy.

  • Fixed an issue causing some two-tone hair/beard styles to render incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue causing some tattoos to be mirrored on the characters face.
  • Fixed an issue causing the attack type of the Deathblade’s Earth Cleaver ability to display incorrectly in the Skills menu.
  • Fixed a rare issue where fewer enemies were spawned than needed to complete the “Shandi’s Trial: Focusing” quest on Bamboo Island.
  • Fixed an issue restricting guild nicknames to 6 characters.
  • Fixed an issue blocking players from claiming Thirain’s Amicable rapport reward.
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect rewards to be shown for Thirain’s Amicable rapport tier.
  • Fixed an issue causing the incorrect amount of rapport points to be received when gifting a “Soundstone of Dawn” to Lenora.
  • Fixed an issue causing the incorrect amount of rapport XP to be granted when gifting Prideholme’s Neria a Prideholme Potato
  • Fixed an issue causing movement to become blocked after an item was transferred to the pet inventory while the Cursor Control Method setting is set to ‘Pick Up’.
  • Fixed an issue causing the earned Gold Designation indicator to reset on the character selection screen after relaunching Lost Ark.
  • Fixed an issue causing the on-screen keyboard to be shown each time players cycle through a page in the store while using a controller.
  • Fixed an issue causing an indefinite loading icon to display in the Quality Upgrade menu after an item was selected and filter options were changed before the upgrade was attempted.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Mokoko Seed icon from turning gold in the Collectibles menu when all Mokoko Seeds within a respective area had been collected.
  • Fixed an issue causing weekday names to not display correctly in the calendar while using French, German, or Spanish.
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to dismantle the bound Shushire’s Will skin.
  • Fixed an issue allowing the Alar skin purchased with Crystals to be tradeable.
  • Fixed an issue causing numbers to be cutoff in the honing menu when over 7 digits are displayed.
  • Fixed an issue causing an additional currency box to be shown in the store.
  • Fixed an issue causing mouse and keyboard keys to be shown during the prologue while a controller was in use.
  • Fixed an issue causing a keyboard key to be shown to skip a cinematic when a controller was in use.
  • Fixed an issue causing a keyboard key to be shown during the “Town Where Light Lingers” quest when a controller was in use.
  • Fixed an issue causing inconsistent reset times to be shown for the Farm within the Stronghold.
  • Fixed an issue causing the reset button to not function within the ‘Accessibility’ tab of the settings menu.
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Crystal Benefactor” title to be considered new each time Lost Ark was launched.
  • Fixed an issue causing Seto’s loot to not be retrievable if he is killed in the “rainbow room” within Naruna’s Hot Spring.
  • Fixed an issue causing level 12 recommended skills appear in the Book of Coordination.
  • Included a speculative fix to address various UI elements, such as items, to get stuck on the cursor and blocking future actions. We will continue monitoring to see if this issue occurs after the update.

Umar Cosmetic Collection

new skins 1

Shadow of Stern Cosmetic Collection

new skins 2

Leopard Pet

June Patch Notes - Pets
New Pets!

June Patch Notes Wrap-up

That’s everything with this June’s Content Patch Notes! If you feel we have missed something, please let us know on our Discord.