The Lost Ark launch is heating up with a brand new event, Legends of Lost Ark, being revealed. It’s a streamer competition, with three teams of some of the biggest streamers racing to unlock the best rewards for their viewers. 

Let’s break down the event in full.

What Is Legends of Lost Ark?

Legends of Lost Ark is a newly revealed event that will see 60 streamers split into 3 teams and compete in a race to take down Lost Ark content. There are unannounced challenges, specially curated for this event, and with something for everyone. 

For viewers, there are Twitch drops. This means all you have to do is tune in, and you’ll get free Lost Ark loot just for watching. As teams complete challenges and advance in the race, so does the quality of the drops.

What Are The Twitch Drops?

There are four different drops available. These are: 

  • Battle Item Chest 
  • Paper Hat Chest
  • Helgaia Pet Chest
  • Neugier Mount

The Battle Item Chest contains Silver and some Amethyst Shard, the Paper Hat Chest contains five different paper hats (helmet cosmetics), the Helgaia Pet Chest allows you to pick one of four unique pets, and finally, the Neugier Mount is a cool-looking hoverboard mount. 

Some details are yet to be announced, such as the start date. However, considering this is a race through Lost Ark content, we can safely assume that it will kick off with the launch of the game – 9 AM Pacific (5 PM UTC) on February 8. 

Full List of Legends of Lost Ark Streamers

If you want to get your hands on some free Lost Ark loot, you’ll need to tune into streams during the event. A total of 60 streamers will be participating in challenges, split into 3 teams across 3 regions – NA, EU, and SA. This includes some of the biggest names in the gaming world, like Kripparrian, Datmodz, Towelliee, Zerator, and Rakin. 

When watching a stream, make sure to check under the title for a ‘Drops Enabled’ tag – this will tell you that you can earn drops by watching. You can also find a full list below. 

North AmericaEuropeSouth America

That’s all for now. We’ll keep you updated with the Legends of Lost Ark if any additional news or changes come out. Until then, let’s get hyped for Lost Ark and ready to get some free stuff!