The third level 4 Lost Ark Guardian Raid you will come up against in Lost Ark is the Levnaos Guardian Raid.  You need to be Item level 1040 to enter this level 4 Guardian Raid.  Read below, as we break down everything you need to know about the Levanos Fight in our Levanos Guardian Raid Guide.

USEFUL ITEMS TO BRING – Corrosive Bomb, Destruction Bomb, Flare, HP Potions

Levanos Guardian Raid Mechanics

Core Mechanics

  • Bark Skin – Like Chromamanium, Levanos has a Hard Shell that prevents players from doing 100% damage. Players need to use Break Spells and Destruction Bombs to Break Bark Skin.
  • Enrage – Once Levano’s Health reaches 30%, he will glow red with red leaves and regains Bark Skin. At this point in the fight, Levanos deals more damage and some of his abilities mutate.
  • Eruption – Levanos Casts Multiple Small AOES around a player. These explode, dealing damage and knocking players up! Levanos will use Eruption to juggle players with back-to-back casts at times, so it’s important for players to dodge the initial cast.
  • Summon Sapling – Levanos glows and summons a Sapling at a nearby location. The Sapling will Mirror some of Levanos attacks AND make Levanos Immune to damage until killed.

Other Mechanics

  • Four Flames – Levanos shots flames from his body in 4 opposite directions, dealing damage and pushing players back. When Enraged, Levanos places Spirit Flame in a nearby area instead of around him.
  • Slam – Levanos Slams down his arms in a frontal attack
  • Spirit Shower – Levanos lifts himself up slightly above the ground and Casts spirits in the area that slowly fall to the ground. On impact, Spirit Shower deals damage and knocks up players. This attack can be interrupted during its cast.
  • Spirit Shield – Levanos Casts a glowing blue circle around him which deals damage and pushes Players back. Levanos will move around the map with Spirit Shield around him.
  • Fiery Prison – The Guardian can use this attack while enraged to summons a Spirit Prison around him. If a player touches the wall, it pushes him back and deals damage. You can use the spacebar to dodge through it.
  • Fire Walls – The Guardian summons 3 Spirit Walls close to the targeted player. These walls remain for a while and deal damage to everyone close to it.
  • Spin– Levanos will Spin backward and reposition himself for an attack
  • Cage of Roots– Levanos captures a player in a Cage of Roots. Players should dodge through the cage wall to avoid damage

Levanos Strategy

The First thing you need to do in the Levanos Fight is to take down his Bark Skin. Make sure to use Break Skills and Destruction Bombs to take Bark Skin down as soon as possible. It is important to note that Bark Shield comes back when Levanos Enrages, so make sure to break it again after Enrage. From here Levanos is a pretty straight forward fight.

Once Levanos uses Summon Sapling. players must quickly use the minimap to find the Sapling to destroy it. Once Levanos cast Summon Sapling, it should be the player’s TOP priority. During his Enrage mechanic, make sure to not the changes to Four Flames and Fiery Prison while managing Summon Sapling and evading abilities like Eruption and Fire Walls.

Manage Bark Shield and Summon Sapling, Avoid damage and Make it through Enrage, and you will down Levanos the Spirit Druid,

Levanos Guardian Raid Loot

  • Levanos Card
  • Legendary Tier 2 Earrings, Necklace, and Amulets
  • Tier 2 Honing Material
  • Legendary Ability Stones
  • Epic or Rare Class Engraving Recipe
  • Epic Galewind Skill Rune
  • Arkesia Event Coin (if there is an active event)

Levanos Guardian Raid Guide Conclusion.

That does it for our Lost Ark Levanos Raid guide.  Make sure to check out the next Guardian Raid Guide, Alberhastic.