What are Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeons

Abyssal Dungeons are weekly content that is a hybrid between Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids. In this guide we’ll go over Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeons and how to unlock them. You are required to party up with other players for these dungeons. The goal is progressing through the dungeon and defeating a specific set of bosses. Coming prepared for the Abyssal dungeon is important because in order to avoid group wipes the bosses require knowledge of their unique mechanics.

In Abyssal Dungeons, if your group fails, you can regroup and retry the bosses until you succeed. However, if you die during a boss fight you will not be able to respawn until the group either defeats the boss or the group wipes. Players are limited in the amount of potions they can use, and each character can clear a dungeon one time a week. Clearing a dungeon gives you a gold reward. Players can only receive gold rewards from Abyssal Dungeons 6 times a week across your entire roster.

Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeon Gold Limit

How to Unlock Abyssal Dungeons in Lost Ark

Abyssal Dungeons can be unlocked in Lost Ark by reaching level 50 and making your way to Northern Vern. After you arrive in Vern, you will need to continue the Blue World Quest line. Continue with the Blue World Quest line until reach the “Waiting and Leaving” Quest. You will need to complete this quest in order to unlock Abyssal Dungeons.

You will need to be item level 340 in order to start the Abyssal Dungeon. The entrance is located in every major city in Arkesia. You can see it on your map by looking for the icon of a gray gate with a blue crystal.

Abyssal Dungeon Rewards

Abyssal Dungeons drop a variety of rewards, including the following

  • Ability Stones
  • Abyssal Gear and Currency
  • Accessories that are guaranteed to have one of your class engravings on them
  • Card Packs
  • Honing Materials

The most important reward from the Abyssal Dungeon is the currency they drop, Guardian’s Will, Artisan’s Faith, Elemental’s Fury, and Knight’s Oath. You can exchange this currency at the Abyss Equipment Crafter. One can be found in every city.

Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeon Currency
Abyssal Dungeon Equipment Crafter
Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeon Crafter Equipment

After talking with the Equipment Crafter you will be able to select a piece of gear and craft it as long as you have the required materials. Any of this gear can be dismantled in order to get back the cost it takes to craft it. This allows you to easily obtain a full Abyss gear set after you are able to clear a full set of Abyssal Dungeons.

This mechanic can also be used to reroll the quality on your gear by continuously dismantling and recrafting the gear to get the quality you need. For more information on gear progress see our Lost Ark Gear Progression Guide.

All Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeons

There are five Abyssal Dungeons in Lost Ark. Each dungeon has at least one variant on the bosses that you will encounter. The variants will have the same item level requirements, so if you unlock one it will unlock the others.

LocationDungeonTierItem Level
Ancient ElveriaDemon Beast Canyon1340
Ancient ElveriaNecromancers Origin1340
Phantom PalaceHall of the Twisted Warlord1460
Phantom PalaceHildebrandt Palace1460
Ark of ArroganceRoad of Lament2840
Ark of ArroganceForge of Fallen Pride2840
Gate of ParadiseSea of Indolence2960
Gate of ParadiseTranquil of Karkosa2960
Gate of ParadiseAlaric’s Santuary2960
Oreha’s WellAira’s Oculus31325
Oreha’s WellOreha Preveza31325