Greetings everyone and welcome to our Lost Ark Artillerist PVP Guide! Here you will see the best PVP Stats, Skills, Builds and Gameplay for your Proving Grounds Journey! The Ranked Season just started and this guide will help you climb the leaderboards by making your opponents explode with your nukes and beaming them down with your giant turret or you can even be the turret yourself!

Best Artillerist PvP Stats

The Artillerist can be built in a few different ways in Lost Ark PVP. Maxing Swiftness to 750 is a must of course. Then you can choose if you want 249 Domination for more damage or 249 Expertise for longer duration Stun. I personally prefer Domination for extra juice and it really just provides more value.

  • 750 Swiftness
  • 1 Crit
  • 249 Domination (Damage)
  • 249 Expertise (Expertise)

Lost Ark Artillerist PVP Guide Skill Build and Tripods

This build has great Burst, Push Immunities, and CC. The only thing that can be changed is Napalm Shot into Jump Barrage for more mobility.

Here’s a chart that will help you understand the skill’s uses and purpose:

Engage – Gatling Gun and Howitzer

Crowd Control / Peel – Gatling Gun, Howitzer, Flame Thrower, Swing and Napalm Shot.

Big Damage – Homing Barrage, Air Raid, Flame Thrower.

Self Buff / Shield – Energy Shield


In this Lost Ark Artillerist PVP Guide, we will show you how to play your role right and make the most out of your skills.

The Artillerist is a Range/Mid Range Burst DPS that excels against fighting melees and struggles a bit against Range opponents. It’s very important to check your Team Comp and Enemy Team Comp to identify where you should position in the match and what role you should play. For the most part you always wanna play behind your teammates and follow up on their engagement or peel for them.

First let’s talk about your opener. Even though we try to position most of the time behind our team, in the start we can engage for them. Gatling Gun is a great tool for engagement. It has a great range and will hold anyone who gets caught in it, and if your teammates follow up, it will immediately put you in great position, behind them.

The Artillerist is also a great zoner. Homing Barrage is one the biggest reasons why. This is a Big Damage skill that no one would dare to contest it. You can use this for peeling for yourself or for your teammates. Your opponents will have to choose between running away from you or your team or they will take a Big Burst of Damage. It also creates a field after landing that can zone out opponents or they will take damage over time standing in it.

Most of the time you will get dived on by your melee opponent. Worry not for artillerists is great at dealing with this. Energy Field is one of the reasons why. This skill will grant you Push Immunity and a shield that can absorb damage up to 40% of your HP for 8 seconds. While this is active, take advantage of it and go aggressive on your opponents or reposition better.

When peeling and following up for your teammates use Howitzer, Air Raid, Gatling Gun, and Homing Barrage if you’re far from them. If close enough Flame Thrower, Napalm Shot, and Swing will be great.

As for your awakening, I suggest using it aggressively when you get the chance as early as you can. This will allow you to get an early advantage and help you build your Firepower Meter by using your skills on them for they will most likely disengage away from you Turret otherwise they will risk taking big damage from it. Your awakening can be used to get an early advantage but it can also be used to turn the tables around if your team is losing.

Note: When using your awakening, make sure you’re healthy for the turret will disappear if you die.


The Artillerist has a Short and Long Combo. Without running 249 Expertise, you will not be able to do your long combo. It’s not often that I use the long combo because it’s very greedy and most likely you will miss multiple abilities and waste them.

For the sake of it and if the opportunity arises, let’s talk about the combo. You always start with Gatling Gun into Swing, Dodge into Swing if the opponent is too far. Once stunned, quickly cast Homing Barrage then Air Raid and finish it off with either Howitzer, Flamethrower, or Napalm Shot.

The Short Version of this combo is just a less greedy version. You start with Gatling Gun into Swing, Dodge into Swing if the opponent is too far. This time you can only choose one between Homing Barrage or Air Raid but still finish with either Howitzer, Flamethrower, or Napalm Shot.

Summary Tips

1. Don’t be greedy for the perfect Long Combo. Settle with Short Combo most of the time.

2. Stay Close enough to your Teammates, keep them in your sight to always peel for them or follow up on what they’re doing.

3.Be Aggressive with your Awakening! There is no perfect timing for it, anytime is a great time to use it. Early Advantage is great for a zoner like the artillerist who controls the battlefield.

4. Don’t save your skills for your combo unless it’s obvious that you have Swing up for a combo. Remember that your teammates CCs/Combos can act as Swing.