Greetings everyone and welcome to our Lost Ark Bard PVP Guide! Here you will see the best PVP Stats, Skills, Builds, and Gameplay for your Proving Grounds Journey! The Ranked Season just started and this guide will help you climb the leaderboards by Serenading your Opponents with your Music or setting up kills for your team with your depression orbs.

Best Bard PvP Stats

The Bard is a Support Mage that has a few different stat builds that you can choose from depending on your preference/playstyle. As Always 750 Swiftness is a must in PVP alongside 1 Crit with how PVP mechanics work. For more Damage we go with 249 Domination, For faster Identity Gauge Charge and Healing 249 Specialization, and For more Survivability 249 Endurance. 

  • 750 Swiftness
  • 1 Crit
  • 249 Endurance (Defense)
  • 249 Domination (Damage)
  • 249 Specialization (Identity Gauge/Heals)

Bard PvP Skill Build and Tripods

This is what most Bard uses for competitive rank. There’s not much room for other skills for these will give you the best Offensive and Defensive Buffs, Crowd Controls/Peels, and Push Immunities while doing so.

Here’s a chart that will help you understand the skill’s uses and purpose:

Mobility – March

Offensive Buff – Heavenly Tune

Defensive Buffs – Guardian Tune and Rhapsody of Light

Crowd Control – March, Sonic Vibration, Rhapsody of Light, Prelude of Storm, and Rhythm Buckshot.

Big Damage – Soundholic


In this Lost Ark Bard PVP Guide we will show you how to support your teammates the best you can while surviving yourself. The Bard is one of the only full support class in Lost Ark aside from Paladin.

As a bard you wanna always stay behind your team and set up kills for them, peel for them, and make sure they stay alive using your buffs. Stay close with your team at all times while being aware of where your opponents are.

When the gates Open you can start with March but make you stay behind your team while doing so. If your team is the aggressor, use Heavenly Tune for Offensive Buffs and then follow up with Guardian Tune for defensive insurance in case they get countered. If you see your opponents going aggressive at the start then use Guardian Tune first into Rhapsody of Light for Peel + Shield combo before using Heavenly Tune for offense.

You will most likely get dived on as a bard. When this happens don’t panic and instead peel for yourself if no one is peeling for you. Sonic Vibration and Rhythm Buckshot is a great tool for this. If both skills are on cooldown, then you can use Rhapsody of Light for yourself, as much as possible you wanna save and use this skill for supporting/peeling for your teammates.

March is your mobility skill. Use this for positioning fast. This can also be used for zoning for better control of the map. When you and your team get a kill, try to use march to cut off the enemy who just respawned to prevent them from rejoining the fight right away. I call this skill “Depression Orbs” to help me remember that this skill makes my opponents slow and depressed for not being able to join fights and being unable to run away fast.

Use your Awakening Aggressively if the opponent team has no support to get an early advantage. If the enemy team has a support in their group, try to counter their ult. If they use their Awakening first, their shield will expire first before yours, therefore giving you the advantage of having a shield in fights. But feel free to use it when you see a great opportunity. Just don’t make the mistake of panic Awakening when your enemy use their Awakenings, remember that your Awakening is very slow to cast. Ping when you use your Awakening to make your teammates aware so they can get closer to get the shield.

When using your Identity Skill Heal always ping and make your Teammates aware. Only use your Offensive Identity skill if you’re behind and you need to catch up as a last resort. Or if you’re ahead and you just used your Awakening, you can pair it with Heavenly Tune to give your teammates Big Damage!


The Bard only has one combo, to be honest. That is Prelude of Storm into Soundholic. Even though this combo has decent damage. Don’t hesitate to use Prelude of Storm to peel for your Teammates or to set up a kill for them.

Summary Tips

1. Stay Behind and Close to your Team while being aware of your opponent’s Positioning.

2. You’re a Support, Not a DPS. Have the mentality of being there for your team at all times, unless you’re cutting off enemies to prevent them from joining fights.

3. Know your Team Comp and Opponent Comp to know where you should position.

4. Take advantage of Teams with no Support and Use your awakening right away to get an early advantage.