Hello everyone and welcome to our Lost Ark Berserker PVP Guide! Here you will see the best PVP Stats, Skills, Builds and Gameplay so you can channel your true inner Warrior. Get out there into the Arena and slay out on the battlefield rising up the Ranks! We’ll be covering everything you need to become a true competitor for future Competitive Proving Ground Seasons!

Best Berserker PvP Stats

PVP in Lost Ark can pit you against a multitude of different Classes when it comes to duking it out in the Arena. Whether it’s in the 3v3 Team Deathmatch setting or Elimination, the “winner-stays-on” 1v1 duel mode. As a result you may have to change up your stats to match your playstyle or the compositions you’re coming up against.

Standard (Recommended)

  1   Crit
249 Domination
750 Swiftness

This stat spread is the gold standard across almost every class in Lost Ark PVP. More often than not you will max out Swiftness to the 750 cap as it is the best PVP stat. This is primarily due to Swiftness increasing Attack Speed, Movement Speed and cooldown reduction. This is essential when competing versus other players. Where each and every action and the speed to do it can be the difference between winning or losing.

Domination is a common stat to put 249-250 points into as your primary source of damage increases. The damage is gained from hitting targets that are crowd-controlled or debuffed. In PVP your teammates (or even you yourself) will constantly crowd control or CC your opponents.

As a result you will be seeing a consistent damage increase throughout the match. Finally Crit for the last point to round out the spread. This is to enable the ability to Crit at all. Without this point you forgo landing critical strikes on your opponents entirely.

Lost Ark Berserker PvP Guide Skill Build and Tripods

Berserker players have access to a slew of high impact skills. Many of them are your core. As a result the flexibility options in terms of skill switching is on the low side. Of course we will see a constant adaptation to the meta and balance patches in the future so expect things to change over the months or years.

With this build you have great tools for practically most encounters. Tools to catch opponents and start combos such as Mountain Crash and Sword Storm. Defensive cooldowns such as Shoulder Charge, Diving Slash and Windblade which also double as mobility skills. And finally, your hard hitters Red Dust and Finish Strike. Berserk Fury is our recommended choice of Awakening. This is due to the hard hitting and game changing nature of landing the skill. However there may be times where Chain of Vengeance may feel more suitable based on the queue meta for the session.


As a Berserker, the aim of the game is to be on the look-out for a good opportunity to strike. Your class although having mobility options is a little bit slower than most classes. As a result your skills are hard hitting. Once you find your moment, and can receive back-up from the team, let loose and find your way in to wreak havoc!

You will have the tools to set-up not only yourself but your teammates with decent engage tools that double up as soft or high tier CC. A good starting point is to practice your positioning when playing the Berserker. In PVP camera positioning is important. As you and your opponent will only have a limited FoV which is flipped about 90 degrees depending on which team you’re on.

Consequently, keeping yourself at a decent range but also horizontal to the enemy means you’ll be at the top or bottom of their screen perspective. This allows you to get off surprise crowd control catches. The Berserker tends to be a bit more team reliant than other classes. But when it finds itself in the right comp you will destroy your opponents.

Ideally you’ll look to close any gaps with skills such as Shoulder Charge or catch an opponent with a hard CC such as Sword Storm or Mountain Crash after getting on top of their position. Once you’re there you have plenty of options to bring the pain such as combo extending using Tempest Slash and then using Finish Strike to deal huge damage.

Keep a keen eye on your opponents and your teammates, position yourself correctly and begin to pressure opponents or peel your teammates, while dishing out high damage combos to net kills.

The Berserker Identity is a fairly straightforward one. Build up your meter via attacking opponents and landing hits on them until you reach a full gauge. Once you do that you’ll be able to access Burst Mode

Burst Mode brings out the true bloodlust of the Berserker, giving him Move/Attack Speed + 20% with 30% increased Crit Rate. Not only does it give you such a strong buff, but in addition you’ll receive access to a powerful one button combo skill: Bloody Rush.

This Identity skill is fairly powerful in its own right so make sure to try and land it on an opponent you know cannot escape.

PVP Combos

•  Use Shoulder Charge if needed to get into range or surprise an opponent. Follow this up with Diving Slash to land on top of your opponent and quickly land Mountain Crash immediately after. Finally, finish up the combo with Tempest Slash to extend into the aptly named Finish Strike. This is the closest you’ll get to a bread and butter combo with the Berserker as typically, a lot of his attack patterns are landing a big hit or two, then peeling off and re-engaging due to fairly long cooldowns.

 A quick execution combo to finish off a low enough HP opponent would be to simply land Red Dust and follow straight into a Finish Strike.

A mid-range combo that is fairly easy to pull off would be to try and catch your opponent with Sword Storm. Once you land this onto your opponent follow up with Windblade to gap close and finish off with the execution combo of Red Dust and Finish Strike.

•  If you’re running Chain of Vengeance and your opponent has no Stand Up then this combo is fairly fast and very heavy in the damage department. Firstly land Sword Storm. Immediately follow this up with Chains of Vengeance. Should this convert into a successful hit, begin to activate your Burst Mode and use your Identity skill, Bloody Rush to finish the combo.

Summary Tips

Use your cooldowns wisely as the Berserker skills are fairly high on the timers

2. Prioritize getting on top of a defenceless target, landing a couple of chunky hits and peeling back out, if you blow your entire skill set you may be sitting around entirely useless for quite a long time.

3. Sword Storm and Mountain Crash are very powerful CC tools, make sure you find the right moments to commit to using them and converting big damage off of them.

4. Try to be as creative as possible. One downside of the Berserker is that they are very telegraphed in the way they approach and play. Thinking outside the box a little where possible can go a long way to dealing tons of damage.

Thank you for checking out our Lost Ark Berserker Guide for PVP! As a result I hope this helps you become one of the best Berserker players in Lost Ark! We will make sure that we update this guide in the future since Lost Ark can make any changes for the Class and PVP is always an ongoing shift of meta adaptations. Good luck out there in the Arena and climb the Competitive Proving Ground Season Ranks!