Once you hit level 50, you’ll find a ton of unique content to take on in Lost Ark. One of many things that you can do is take on Boss Rush. Boss Rush is a special dungeon-like activity where you take down a ton of bosses. Find out exactly how it works in our Lost Ark Boss Rush guide. 

What is Lost Ark Boss Rush?

Boss Rush is a challenging activity that is available from Tier 2 onwards. It’s essentially a dungeon where you fight 15 random waves of bosses. These can be any bosses from anywhere in the game – even ones you haven’t seen yet!  The content is group-based and locked by item level, meaning you’ll need to find a party and have at least 802 ilvl to queue up. Things are pretty simple once inside – take down bosses within the given time limit. 

In general, the biggest challenge of Boss Rush is killing the bosses fast enough. Here is the time limit breakdown:

  • Stage 1-4: 1m per wave
  • Stage 5-9: 1m 30s per wave
  • Stage 10-15: 2m 30s per wave

Things get more difficult as your progress, with waves spawning more bosses. You can respawn if you die, however, there is a short delay, so it’s best avoided as it will eat into your time limit. 

Boss Rush Location And How To Enter

You can enter Boss Rush in any major city through the Boss Rush entrance statue. It’s generally near things like the Cube or the Tower, although you can also find it by looking for the icon below. 

To enter boss rush you’ll need to obtain an Entrance Ticket, which can be found in Chaos Dungeons or Guild Exchange Vendors. You’ll also need to meet the item level requirements: 802 for Hall of Silence and 1302 for Hall of the Sun. 

QUICK TIP – Before you enter Boss Rush Make sure to check your Una’s Tasks (ALT-J) to pick up your weekly Boss Rush Quest!

Lost Ark Boss Rush Rewards

Finally (and most importantly!) rewards. Boss Rush is a great place to earn an extra bit of loot and mix up your grinding session. You can earn different rewards based on the Tier you are in, however, you generally get chests that contain upgrade materials and Gems. 

Here’s a breakdown of the rewards

Hall of Silence

  • Stage 1-3: Life Leap Stone (2), Soul Leaf Card
  • Stage 4-6: Hall of Silence Reward Chest 1, Soul Leaf Card
  • Stage 7-10: Hall of Silence Reward Chest 2, Soul Leaf Card
  • Stage 11-15: Hall of Silence Reward Chest 3, Eternity Essence Card

Hall of The Sun

  • Stage 1-5: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 1, Honor Leap Stone
  • Stage 6-8: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 2, Honor Leap Stone
  • Stage 9-10: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 3, Great Honor Leap Stone
  • Stage 11: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 4, Great Honor Leap Stone
  • Stage 12-14: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 5, Great Honor Leap Stone
  • Stage 15: Hall of the Sun Reward Chest 6, Great Honor Leap Stone

In conclusion, don’t forget about this end game activity that can reward you with Gems, upgrade materials and more. Best of luck on the grind, hopefully, you’ll survive until the end and find a ton of loot!