One thing that makes Lost Ark incredibly unique is the character progression system. There are multiple ways to power up your character. You can get a ton of bonuses outside of basic skill upgrades and gear. One of these is known as engravings – these are upgradable slots that give bonuses. Let’s take a look at how they work in our Lost Ark Engravings guide.

What Are Lost Ark Engravings

Engravings are mostly passive skills that appear on accessories and ability stones. Basically, they give very powerful effects and can really boost your character. Additionally, there are some negative ones that you will want to avoid too.

Lost Ark Engravings Guide -Grudge
An example of a popular Engraving in Lost Ark.

How Do Lost Ark Engravings Work?

Lost Ark’s Engravings work on a level and point system. Every 5 points will unlock 1 level for the engravings. Additionally, max level is 3, so if you have more than 15 points you are wasting points. So, If we take a look at the screen shot below, you can see that “Cursed Doll” is level 2 with 11 points into it. Consequently, if we wanted to make it level 3, we would need to gain 4 more points.

Lost Ark Engravings Guide - character profile
The Lost Ark Engraving upgrade system.

Earning Engraving Points

Henceforth, you need a certain amount of points to earn those levels. Overall, you have three methods to gain these points from equipping them; Accessories, Ability Stones, and Engraving Books.

Accessory Points

Firstly, you have accessories that will have points as part of the item. Lest, looking over the necklace below, you can see it will provide +1 Cursed Doll, +2 Grudge, and +2 Defense Reduction points. (FYI, The Defense Reduction is a negative Engraving that you want to avoid getting 5+ points in.)

Lost Ark Engravings Guide - accessories

Ability Stone Points

Secondly, the Ability Stones have engraving points. By default, the ability stones come uncut and you will need to cut points into them. Furthermore the example below, shows the left Ability Gem uncut and the right Ability Gem cut. So, the uncut ones will show you the potential points that is obtainable. While the cut ones show you the points that are on it after you’ve cut it.

urthermore, we are able to only equip one Ability Stone on our characters. But, in the future we will have the second slot giving us more options.

engraving - ability stones
Uncut (left) and a cut (right) ability stone.

Engraving Book Points

Finally the Engraving Books. These are readable books that will increase your Engraving Effects, however you can only use the points by having them equipped. Additionally, you will need to read 20 books in order to unlock the Engraving Effects. Once unlocked, you are able to equip the Engraving Effect (Alt I to open the UI). Additionally, you can double equip, so if you have to equip “All Out Attack” two times, you can!

engraving equipping
Equipping an Engraving Effect onto your character.

When you first start out, none of the Engraving Effects are useable. When you read 20 green books of the same engraving you want, you will unlock the first tier of the Engraving. Afterwards, you will need to read 20 blue books. Then 20 purple and 20 orange. (Progress is shown on the Engraving Effect UI, you can hover over the engraving name for additional information towards your progress) Each increase will give you +3 points toward the engraving. Below is the breakdown of the color books and points for them:

  • Green Books: +3 Points
  • Blue Books: +6 Points
  • Purple Books: +9 Points
  • Orange Books: +12 Points
engraving tip
The in-game loading screen tip for Engraving

That’s all for our Lost Ark Engravings guide. Best of luck getting your perfect Engraving setup once Lost Ark finally arrives!