Lost Ark has a lot exciting content and many options to explore, one of these is the Cube; a dungeon full of rogue-like mechanics that will challenge you and keep the grind fresh. Let’s take a look at how it all works in our Lost Ark Cube guide.

What Is Lost Ark’s Cube? 

The Cube is a dungeon with various rogue-like mechanics that will keep you and your party on their toes. There are three different versions of the Cube; Tier 1 Cube, Tier 2 Elite Cube, and Tier 3 Dimensional Cube. However they all are the same mechanically. Every room will apply a new buff or debuff on the that will change how you will want to clear the room. Sometimes these status effects will last longer than just one room as well. As part of each room’s challenge, you have to clear each room in under the provided time limit. The room entrances will warn you of the challenge you will face:

  • Basic Monsters (White) – Waves of weak monsters
  • Ranged Monsters (Green) – Waves of ranged monsters
  • Boss (Orange) – Have to kill one or two boss(es) and waves of basic monsters
  • Survival (Blue) – Waves of exploding enemies and weak monsters. Dodge explosions and kill monsters that can take damage
  • Fortune (Gold) – Rarest and the best stage, either kill loot monsters or open chests
  • Elites (Purple) – Waves of elite monsters
An example of a Blue Entrance for The Cube
An example of a Purple Entrance for The Cube

After you complete a challenge you can move onto the next floor or leave early. Never leave early. On average there are 19 different challenges you must complete while in the Cube. Sometimes there are less or more depending on how the group performed during the challenges. When the party wipes the run is over and you earn the chest displayed on the top left of the Cube UI.

How To Enter The Cube

To enter The Cube, one must first complete the quest [Guide] Public Announcement: Cube. To start the quest you must first be level 50 with a gear score of at least 302 and find an [Entrance Ticket: Cube (Bound)] from a Chaos Dungeon. Once you find a ticket the game will automatically prompt you to accept the guide quest.

The Cube dungeon interface selection screen

When the quest is finished, you will be able to enter the Cube using the proper Entrance Ticket. Walk up to a Cube in any major city and interact with it. (Looks like a golden 4×4 Rubik’s cube on the map) Doing so will prompt you to enter the Cube. You then can select what version of the Cube you wish to enter based on the ticket you have; Tier 1: [Entrance Ticket: Cube], Tier 2: [Entrance Ticket: Elite Cube] and Tier 3: [Entrance Ticket: Dimensional Cube].

The Cube Icon on Minimap

Triple Ticket Entry

Its possible to enter The Cube using three [Entrance Ticket: Cube]. Doing so will reward you with three times the loot you would earn for that run. This can be both good and bad. If you have a bad run that rewards you with only a [Bronze Cube Chest], then you will only earn three of them. However if you get an amazing run with three [Platinum Cube Chest], then you saved yourself 2 additional runs for it.

3 Entrance Ticket Confirmation Screen

Lost Ark Cube Rewards

The Cube will reward you with a Cube Chest based upon your performance within the Cube. It is completely possible to earn no rewards if you do not earn enough points. You can earn the following chests; [Bronze Cube Chest], [Silver Cube Chest], [Gold Cube Chest], [Platinum Cube Chest], and a [Diamond Cube Chest].

These chests generally contain Silver, a few engravings, [Eternity Essence], and honing success materials for your current tier. You can also earn Masterpieces, Honing Success Materials, and card experience, however these rewards are rarer.

That’s it for our Lost Ark Cube guide. Hopefully you are blessed with some great buffs and make it all the way to the end for some amazing loot. Feel free to join us in Discord and talk with us.