Just like with any other MMO, Lost Ark is full of currencies. There are a ton of different things you can use to purchase things and all of them are unique. Let’s take a look at all the currencies in the game and how they work in our Lost Ark currency guide.

Lost Ark Currency Guide: Finding Them

There are two ways to access the different currencies in Lost Ark. Firstly, accessing the Currency Inventory by clicking the chest icon on the top of your screen. Secondly, is to open your inventory and select the 3rd tab that looks like a book to open the Storage tab.

So, the Storage Tab and Currency Inventory are the two locations you can find all the currencies your character and roster are holding. That is to say, the general rule of thumb was that Storage was for the Roster characters, while the Currency Inventory to be limited to the character, but this is no longer the case.

Lost Ark currency guide - Currencies
All the currency locations in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Currency Guide: Silver

Silver is the base currency of Lost Ark. These are silver coins that drop from any monster killed, as well as from certain dungeons, quests, and events. Additionally, Silver is not tradable.

Silver can be for a ton of different things. Overall, It is most commonly for repairs, fast traveling (With no Aura), and any kind of NPC transactions. (NPC Transaction: Crafting, Faceting, Gem Faceting, and more) They’re quite important, and you’ll likely always be wanting more.

Lost Ark Currency Guide: Gold

Gold is the trading currency of the game. It’s for purchasing things on the Auction House and honing your gear. Basically, gold is rare in-game, only really being available from time-locked events, dungeons, and raids.

However, you can also purchase gold from the in-game shop – which is a controversial topic in the community.

Resurrection Feathers

Resurrection Feathers are a currency per-say, they only have one use which isn’t really trading related. These revive you at your current location after death, instead of respawning at a pre-set spot on the map. 

They come from quests, dungeons, raids, and events. So, they’re quite common and unless you use one every time you die, you’ll never run out of them. 


Pheons is another trading currency. These are for making purchases on the Auction House for gear and ability stones.

These come from events, the MTX store, and daily log-ins. So, they’re are rare unless you are willing to convert gold or real money to purchase them.

Blue” Crystals

By default, the game calls them Crystals, but to avoid confusion with other currencies the community calls them Blue Crystals. They are for purchasing many of the MTX items, but not all of them. Additionally, they can be for Roster Upgrades, such as the Roster Bank and Card Collections.

They come from in-game rewards, gold, and real money. They are a bit controversial in the community due to the real money aspects, but remember, you can trade gold for Blue Crystals. Meaning you should never feel like you have to use real money to purchase anything that uses Blue Crystals.

Royal Crystals

Royal Crystals are the premium currency of Lost Ark. They are for buying cosmetic items from the in-game shop. Cosmetic items such as, pets, armor skins, and weapon skins. Additionally you can buy Crystalline Aura too.

To gain Royal Crystals, all you have to do is convert your real money by purchasing a package. Each package will provide different amounts by how much you are willing to pay. It is important to note, that it is completely possible to play this game and have full access without using Royal Crystals.

Rift Piece

Rift Pieces is just for one purpose: buying map boxes. You can exchange them to buy random map boxes, which gives you a chance to let you do certain hidden dungeons. 

They are from participating in rift encounters, also known as Chaos Gates, which are random in-game events. 

Lost Ark Currency Guide: Sailing Coins

Sailing coins include; Gienah’s Coin, Sceptrum’s Coin, Arcturus’s Coin, Ancient Coin, Sun Coin and Pirate Coins. These currencies are all for sailing purposes. Pirate Coins are the most popular as many of the sailing NPCs use them as the base trading currency. You can purchase additional crew members, ship part upgrades, and much more. Additionally, some islands will sell special items such as ships, emotes, and songs for your collectibles.

All coins come from completing different events while sailing around the world. Additionally, you can convert all other coins into Pirate Coins using the Traveling Merchant Ship found next to all major docks. But, be mindful when converting as some vendors will only sell certain items with the other coins.

Honing Shards

There are three different Shard currencies in the game. These are Harmony, Life, and Honor Shards. Shards is a character-bound currency that converts into gear experience. This is your major resource for applying experience for honing. The Harmony is for Tier 1 gear, Life for Tier 2, and Honor is for Tier 3.

Each Shard comes for their respective Tier. Completing activities from quests, events, and chaos dungeons will award you with some. Additionally, you can purchase them from other resources. Check out our Progression guide for more information on how to obtain this currency.

Coin of Courage

Coins of Courage are the PvP currency of Lost Ark. They are for purchasing resources, mounts, titles, and other collectibles from a PvP exchange vendor.

As you might expect, they’re from participating in player vs player content, like arenas. 

Sylmael Bloodstone

Also known as Guild Crystals, these are for purchasing items from your guild store. Including, but not limiting to Honing Materials, Combat Experience, and Chests full of goodies.

Sylmael Bloodstone comes from completing guild activities, donating, and weekly contribution. Check out our Guild Guide for a more in-depth guide on Sylmael Bloodstone.

You can earn Sylmael Bloodstones through Donations.

Providence Stone

Before the NA release of the game, Providence Stones went by the name Carnelian. These are NPC Rapport currency. They can trade them for regional rapport chests and cosmetic chests.

These come from killing luck monsters starting in Tier 2 content and from completing certain daily quests.

Lost Ark Currency Guide: Stronghold Seals

Last but not least in our Lost Ark currency guide come Stronghold Seals. These include; Raid Seals, Victory Seals, and Adventurer’s Seals. These are for purchasing items while at your or someone else’s stronghold island.

These are obtained by sending your estate team to complete missions. It’s a bit of a strategy mini-game, where you don’t really do any fighting or questing. But, instead organize and upgrade a squad who will do that for you.