Lost Ark Devs Confirm No Open Beta, Launch After Closed Testing

by | Last updated Jan 31, 2024

Fans of Lost Ark are very eagerly awaiting the launch of the upcoming MMO and while there’s no update in terms of a release date, or even a date for the Lost Ark beta (sadly), we have gotten an extra bit of info about the testing periods.

We’ve already had one closed technical alpha, which let players get a first look at the western version of Lost Ark. There’s also a closed testing period on the way, which we are still awaiting the details for. In the meantime, however, we have received a small update about the overall schedule of the game. Let’s take a look.

Lost Ark Closed Beta Testing and Release Schedule

Developer Roxx announced on Steam the current plans for Lost Ark. He states that there are only plans for “Technical Alpha, Closed Beta, then Launch.” This means that there will not be an open beta and we’re heading straight for launch after the upcoming closed beta. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean too much about a release date, but at least we do know there is just one testing stage left before we get to launch. This could mean that we won’t have to wait as long for Lost Ark as we first imagined and it’s very possible that launch could even come in the earlier parts of Fall, fingers crossed! 

After waiting years for any sign of Lost Ark coming to the west, the announcement and any following news are, of course, a welcome sight as we count down the days for release. Still, for now all eyes are on the upcoming closed beta, which is being teased as “in the upcoming weeks” by Smilegate’s social media team. Most fans and sources seem to believe we’ll see this closed beta in July, so let’s hope we’ll hear more about it soon!