Hello and welcome to our Lost Ark Event Guardian Raid guide. Where we will go over all the information you will need to know about the event. If you haven’t had a chance to try out the event, we strongly suggest you giving it a try before it ends as it is a fun one! But, before you do, lets take a look at what you need to know to be successful.

What is the Lost Ark Guardian Raid Event?

The Lost Ark Guardian Raid Event is an event where players can enter the daily Guardian Raid challenge and fight 3 Guardian Bosses at once. The event started on March 24th, 2022 and will end on April 28th, 2022 after maintenance.

In addition to fighting 3 Guardian Bosses, one of them will drop buffs for the entire party to make everyone even stronger. So, before you queue up for the event, make note of the Guardian that is first in the list as they are the one you want to focus first. Also, this Guardian Boss will only appear when fighting another one. So, just engage whatever is closest and then switch as you need. (In the screen shot below, you would want to focus attacks on “Frostblade Invader Nacrasena” for your buffs)

Event Guardian Raid UI
The Event Guardian Raid UI

Requirements To Enter

Unlike other Guardian Raids, this event has the minimum item level restriction of 250 to enter. Additionally, upon entering, everyone’s stats will sync to what the game determines to be fair. So, you don’t have to worry about your stats or gear to take part of this event! (The game calls this mechanic “Scale of Balance”, so now you know what that is when you see it.)

There is no party size limit to enter. Meaning you can go in solo, use Matchmaking, or the Find Party methods to go in and kill them. Also, the difficulty scales with the amount of players, so you are completely fine to do it solo. (I did and it wasn’t hard at all!)

Also, to queue up for the event, you will need to interact with the [Event Guardian Raid] interactable to open the Event Guardian Raid UI. It looks like a statue (Shown below) and can be found in any major city. Additionally, when looking at your map/mini-map the icon looks just like the red flag for Guardian Raids and is also next to the normal one. So, if you know the location of the normal Guardian Raids, head there and you should be able to find the event version in no time.

Event Guardian Raid Statue
Event Guardian Raid Statue

Lost Ark Guardian Raid Event Rewards

The part that everyone wants to know about, the rewards and what they are. Well you can only earn rewards once a day from completing the event, however there is no roster limitation, meaning you can do it on alts as well. You will earn 200-300 Winter Illusion Tokens for a job well done (This was the winter event in KR/RU, which is why its a winter token)

Talk to the NPC Mio to exchange your Winter Tokens for honing materials! Mio’s shop refreshes every weekly reset, so make sure to buy everything you want before the week is over. Its important to note, that the Special Sales tab that sells the [Event] books will remain only for the duration of the event. So make sure to use them before the event is over or you will lose them.

Event Guardian Raid Rewards
Rewards UI for the Event Guardian Raid


That’s everything you need to know about this Lost Ark Guardian event. So get out there and kill those pesky guardian bosses for some sweet honing materials! Also, feel free to join our StudioLoot Discord to talk with us.