A long-awaited MMO is finally reaching the shores of Europe and North America, as developer’s Smilegate RPG have announced that Lost Ark is Finally Coming to the West! 

The game first released in Korea in 2018 and has since generated huge interest, releasing in Japan as well as Russia, and drawing tons of attention from Western audiences. Fans of the game have even gone as far as sneaking into the eastern versions of the game just to try it out (despite not understanding anything!).

Now, backed by retail giant Amazon, Smilegate is going all out to turn their MMOARPG into a western success. 

What is Lost Ark?

For anyone new to the game, Lost Ark is a unique mix of MMO and isometric action RPG. It essentially looks a bit like a Diablo or Path of Exile game, but plays more like an MMO – with social elements, some open world, and a ton of other features.

It’s set in the world of Arkesia, featuring seven unique continents, full of epic zones, diverse enemies, and gripping storylines. The western release is set to have 15 classes on launch, although there are many more on the way which are already present in the eastern versions. 

Overall, no one says it better than Christoph Hartmann, the VP of Amazon Games: “With Lost Ark, Smilegate RPG has created an incredibly deep online experience that players will return to for years to come.” 

Release Date

Lost Ark west is set to release in Fall 2021. We know, that’s disappointing – but sadly, there is not a full release date just yet. All we know is that it will come sometime between September and December this year. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated once anything new is announced! 

Meanwhile, there have still been developments. A closed technical alpha took place in mid-June and although there is an NDA surrounding that – we can confirm it was an amazing experience! 

A closed beta is also scheduled to come “soon” but, again, the exact details have not been revealed, all we can do for now is wait and see.