Welcome to our Lost Ark Gems guide. First we will take a basic look at them. Then we will look into how we can get gems and which ones are the best. Finally, we will look at the ways we can interact with Lost Ark Gems by Leveling (Upgrading) and Refaceting (Rerolling). Gems are limited to Tier 2 and Tier 3. So don’t feel bad if you haven’t found while in Tier 1 content.

The Basics of Lost Ark Gems

Equipping gems will be one of your major paths to progressing your character to end game. It will enable you to push your abilities even further than before. Here are some basics of the gems:

  • Gems can only have one skill active on them, however you may reroll (Refaceting)
  • There are two types of gems; Increased Damage and Reduced Cooldown
  • Different names for each Tier Type; T2 is Azure (Damage) and Farsea (Coodown), T3 is Annihilation (Damage) and Crimson (Cooldown)
  • Only 11 gems can be active at once
  • Are limited to only 1 Azure and 1 Farsea Gem per skill while equipped
  • You can combine gems to level them
  • Gems come in Tiers (Currently T2 & T3)
  • Use the appropriate tier gems or your gems will lose 50% effectiveness

The max level a gem can reach is level 10 and this is no simple feat because you will need to combine 19,683 level 1 gems to create one. It is an important part of min-maxing your abilities for end game content because an Azure or Annihilation gem will provide 40% extra damage at max level. While the Farsea or Crimson gem will provide 20% cooldown reduction at max level.

How To Get Gems And The Right Ones

Overall gems are not all difficult to obtain, however obtaining the correct one will take longer. Here’s how you can obtain gems:

  • Completing Chaos Dungeons
  • Completing Boss Rush
  • Defeating Field Bosses & Daily Events
  • Buying them on the Auction House

The Boss Rushes will be your ideal location for obtaining gems because you are awarded chests full of gems. Afterward try using the Auction House to find some cheap gems. Select “All” classes when searching for gems to buy. The class label on a gem will not limit what you can do with them, so don’t feel like you need to match classes.

The best way to ensure you get the right gem for what you want is to buy it, but expect to pay handsomely for it. If the gem you want isn’t on the Auction House or is too expensive, then you will need to Level up and Reroll. These mechanics are fully explained further below!

The Best Lost Ark Gems

The Azure Lost Ark Gems are the most sought-after gems and this is noticeable if you look at the prices on the Auction House. This is due to most builds making better use of the increased damage over the cooldown. For specific gems for your class please check out the individual classes guides found in our Lost Ark Guides section.

How To Upgrade/Level And Refacet/Reroll Lost Ark Gems

Leveling Gems

To start the Level-up process of Gems, you will need to select the diamond icon on the bottom left of your inventory UI. Doing so opens the Fuse Gems UI, shown below, and you are able to insert three gems of the same level and tier. With three gems inserted, you can combine them into a new gem that is one level higher than the previous gems by pressing the Fuse button. If you don’t want to manually fuse gems, then you can select the Auto-Fuse Stg. button and configure what level gems you want to upgrade to.

The gem combining window used to level gems.

Refaceting/Rerolling Gems

Rerolling gems, or Refaceting as the game calls it, is the best way to get the skill you want on a gem when it isn’t the skill you want. You will need to find a Jeweler in any major city (Notated by a red jewel icon on the map) and interact with them to start the process. Alternatively, you can access Refaceting by accessing your Pet Functions and selecting the rightmost option.

The gem refaceting window.

Rerolling a gem cost Silver and the cost scales based on the gem’s level and tier, so make sure you keep an eye on it. Certainly, the best part about this system is that you can only reroll abilities of the class you are actively on, meaning you are unable to roll Paladin Abilities if you are on a Gunslinger.

That’s it for our Lost Ark Gems guide. Now you know what is needed for gems and a few tricks. Happy adventures and best of luck in maxing out your character(s)! Feel free to join us in Discord and talk with us.