Welcome to our Lost Ark Giant’s Heart guide. This collectable guide will cover everything you will need to know about the Giant’s Hearts from the rewards, how to obtain them, and their locations. Without further ado, lets dig in!

What Are The Giant’s Heart in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark there are many different collectibles systems in which you go out and obtain special items for rewards. The Giant’s Heart is but one of these many collectible items. Also, there are only 15 hearts to collect and turn-in for rewards. So simply put, a Giant’s Heart is a collectible item that earns you rewards!

Lost Ark Collectibles Giants' Hearts UI

Lore: The Giant Hearts are literal hearts from giants that fell during the Hollow War. However, most of them sank into the ocean depths making most of them hard to find and obtain. But, not all of them did! Because of this, Minerva is collecting them to help remember and record the past.

Unlocking Giant’s Heart & Their Locations

As previously mentioned, there are 15 total Giant Hearts obtainable. Some of these are from quests, building rapport, and just buying them from NPCs. Below you can see what you need to complete in order to obtain all of these hearts. (Sadly these hearts have no names and just go by number).

Giant HeartObjective TypeLocationName
1st Giant’s HeartQuestTortoykFive Scattered Brothers
2nd Giant’s HeartRapportTrixionBeatrice
3rd Giant’s HeartRapportOrigins of SternSasha
4th Giant’s HeartField BossLake EternityTarsila
5th Giant’s HeartExchange (Shop)Blackfang’s DenMariner Rosa
6th Giant’s HeartExchange (Shop)AtlasIllicit Marketeer
7th Giant’s HeartReputationTooki IslandKilling the King
8th Giant’s HeartExchange (Shop)Freedom IslandBlackfang
9th Giant’s HeartRapportHypnos’s EyesCalvasus
10th Giant’s HeartTowerAny Major CityShadespire (Floor 35)
11th Giant’s HeartReputationAzure Wind IslandInsects in the Grass Field
12th Giant’s HeartQuestShadow Moon MarketWith a Light Heart
13th Giant’s HeartTowerAny Major CityTower of Fate (Floor 35)
14th Giant’s HeartRapportWhispering IsletNineveh
15th Giant’s HeartQuestWisdom IsleWisdom Isle
Chart showing all the Giant Hearts with the objectives and locations to obtain them
Lost Ark Giants' Hearts Collection Status
When selecting “Collection Status” you can track your progress in detail as shown here.

Lost Ark Giant’s Heart Rewards

The Giant’s Hearts will award you with a special item for each heart found, so unlike other collectibles you will always earn something for each turn-in! These items are worth having to further push your character, for example, Skill Point Potion is but one of the rewards.

Lost Ark Collectibles Giants' Hearts Rewards
Giants’ Hearts Rewards
Reward NumberReward Item
1Stat Increase Potion
2Wisdom Potion
3Resonating Giant’s Heart (Quest)
4Skill Point Potion
5Wealth (Rune)
6Skill Point Potion
7Vitality Increase Potion
8Transformation: Totoiki
9Masterpiece # 21
10Skill Point Potion
11Masterpiece # 33
12Skill Point Potion
13Focus (Rune)
14Reinvigorated Giant’s Heart (Quest)
15Giant’s Secret Chest


And with that, you have all the information you will ever need for your Lost Ark Giant’s Heart collection. Make sure to save up your Rapport items and use them wisely to get all of the collectibles you want! Also, feel free to join us in our StudioLoot Discord and talk with us.