Welcome to our Lost Ark Gunlancer PvP guide! We’ll cover everything you need to know about playing the class in PvP content. 

In PvP content, Gunlancer plays a beefy disruptor role. The class is the best at disrupting enemies and being an all-round nuisance, packed with a kit full of tankiness, crowd-control, and a touch of damage.

Best Gunlancer PvP Stats

  • 750 Swiftness
  • 249 Domination
  • 1 Crit
  • OR
  • 750 Specialization
  • 250 Swiftness

There are two different Gunlancer PvP stat splits, depending on what kind of playstyle you want to go for. You can choose 800 Swiftness and 440 Crit to add extra mobility and damage to a class that lacks both, or alternatively, you can go with 950 Spec and 300 Swiftness to add extra utility from your awakening skill, as well as a touch of attack and movement speed, as well as cooldown reduction. 

Gunlancer PvP Skill Build and Tripods

The Gunlancer has a range of useful skills in PvP, so you can feel free to experiment with builds to see what you like and what works for your playstyle. That being said, there are a lot of strong abilities that should be included in most builds. We’ve put together a general build that works well as an all-rounder for PvP.

This build features a lot of key Gunlancer abilities. Surge Cannon and Gunlance Shot are your core damage skills. Meanwhile, Bash and Guardian’s Thunderbolt are your key stuns, alongside other crowd control abilities. Finally, you have Guardian’s Protection as your Awakening skill.

Gunlancer PvP Gameplay Tips and Combos

As a Gunlancer, your role is to soak up damage and be a disruptor. You have inherent tankiness which makes killing you tough and at least four of your skills provide a form of crowd control, including some hard stuns. Here are some Gunlancer tips and combos: 

  • Use Shield Charge for mobility and as a knock up
  • Use Surge Cannon and Gunlance Shot for burst when possible
  • Combine Hook Chain and Bash for an (almost) unavoidable stun
  • Remember to consider enemy cooldowns before committing to a combo
  • Basic combo: Shield Charge, Bash, Gunlance Shot, Dash Upper Fire
  • Extended combo: Shield Charge, Bash, Surge Cannon, Dash Upper Fire, Gunlance Shot

Thank you for checking out our Lost Ark Gunlancer PvP Guide! Now you should be ready to get the most out of your class and climb up the PvP rankings. We’ll keep this page constantly updated, should any changes happen.