A Lost Ark Ignea Token is a reward for achieving 100% Adventure Tome completion in a particular region. The Token’s relic in game description reads: “A token awarded to the most diligent adventurers who completed their Adventurer Tomes.” It has the image of the legendary adventurer, Ignea, engraved on it.”

Players can exchange their Ignea Tokens for rewards once they have obtained a certain amount of them. You should bear in mind that obtaining all of the Ignea Tokens takes quite some time mainly because NPC Rapport is the bottleneck for a region. Because completing NPC Rapport is a time-gated activity for all regions this makes it a time consuming task.

Lost Ark Ignea Token Points Reward

How to Redeem Your Tokens

Players can exchange their Ignea Tokens at specific merchants that can be found in any main city. Players can locate the merchants on the map by finding the Symbol as shown below, and talking with that merchant.

Lost Ark Ignea Token Merchant

All Lost Ark Ignea Token Rewards

Reward #RewardDescriptionRarity
1White Scarab MountUse to add this Mount to your Mount Inventory.Epic
2Mokoko’s Skillet (Weapon)This pan may look harmless, but it can be a formidable weapon in the right hands.Relic
3Luminous Energy (Emote)A colourful aura. Summons an iridescent light around you when usedLegendary
4Superior Vitality Increase Potion (Potion)Automatically applies 50 VitalityLegendary
5Purify (Rune)Skill Rune Effect: 70% chance to remove a debuff when a skill is used.Epic
6Zinnervale CardSidereal Shandi’s student: Cheerful and flippant, and travelling the continent with his master with hopes to one day become his heir.Legendary
7Superior Stat Increase PotionAutomatically applies 50 Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence.Legendary
8Greater Skill Point PotionAutomatically applies 6 Life Skill Points.Relic
9Bifrost Key (Key to Bifrost Square)A key imbued with the mysterious power of the Lazeniths. Allows the unlocking of the Bifrost Stat and can be used on the Bifrost management screen.Relic
10Delain Armen CardArmen has revealed his hidden power as a Delain. He uses his inner demonic power instead of his holy power.Legendary
11“Arkesia Pilgrim” (Title)Use to obtain the title “Arkesia Pilgram” +5 Wisdom when titled is obtained. Legendary
12Ingea (Structure)A set of materials used to set up an Ignea Statue in Stronghold. This statue depicts great adventurer, Ignea, in detail. Legendary
13Golden Terpeion (Mount)Use to add this mount to your mount inventory. Legendary