Once you complete the initial part of the Lost Ark story in Luterra and unlock your first ship, you’re able to travel to all sorts of islands around Arkesia. These play a crucial role in the end game, as you’ll need to explore new lands to unlock better rewards and upgrade your gear. In our Lost Ark islands guide, we’ll tell you the basics about what you need to know about islands. 

How Do Lost Ark Islands Work?

Islands in Lost Ark are part of the collectables system. Each island is unique and will award you with many different items, ranging from mounts to Honing Materials. Also, some of these islands are time-sensitive, so don’t feel bad if you can’t find the island or if it seems like there is nothing on it.

All the islands are accessible with your ship. However, if you want to sail on the far western seas, you will need to unlock Sailing to Rohendel. You can find this quest by following the main story questline and have a high enough item level.

Overall, there are over 95 different islands, with unique events. As such, it’s difficult to list them all without throwing down a massive wall of text. You should explore islands as much as you can and the most important thing is to keep your eyes on island calendar events – these have the biggest and most notable rewards! 

Lost Ark Island Rewards

As mentioned, there are a ton of islands, which also means a ton of rewards. You should try to visit as many islands as possible every day to maximize rewards and if you’re after a something specific, you should visit islands with that type of reward.

You can find a full list of islands and the types of rewards below: 

Green means they have this reward, red means they don’t, and blue means tier 2 engraving books. You can use this image to plan your island journeys, simply traveling to what you need based on rewards and item level. For example, if looking to upgrade gear, you should visit the ‘Enhance’ islands, where you can get Silver, Harmony Shards, Guardian Stones, Destruction Shards, Leap Stones, and more.

How Do Island Souls Work?

Main rewards aside, another important thing to note about islands are Island Souls (Formally called Tokens). These are special collectibles rewarded from most islands. Each island has a unique Island Soul and they can be exchanged for various things. 

You can find a quest that introduces Island Tokens on the Lonely Island. From there, the NPC, Grandpa Opher will give you tasks. Once you complete them and gather enough souls, you can unlock collectibles, vanity items, and a few useful pieces. 

Many of these Island Souls are part of a long quest chain. Additionally, some of these quests don’t even start on the island, but somewhere else all together. So, don’t hesitate to pick up quests all around the world while playing.

That’s all for our Lost Ark islands guide. Hopefully, you enjoy sailing and the island guide, and manage to blast through the content.