Lost Ark is set to release on February 8 (or February 11, for those without a Founder’s Pack). To set up release, Smilegate have released full Lost Ark Launch Patch Notes, highlighting exactly what’s coming and what’s changed. Let’s take a look. 

New Dungeons, Raids, And Other Content

One key highlight of the patch notes is the addition of most of the game content, ranging all the way up to tier 3. This includes:

  • Field Bosses
  • Chaos Dungeons up to Punika Sun stage 3
  • Multiple Abyss Dungeons
  • Guardian Raids up to Velganos
  • Fatespite Tower Floors
  • Elite and Dimension Cube

Basically, we’ll be seeing most of the content that’s out in Korea from day one. We are still missing a few pieces, which will no doubt be added once players gear up and progress through the existing content. 

Two Free Power Pass Rewards

We also got news of two free Power Passes being given out for completing the story. This means you’ll get to quickly boost your characters to level 50, after doing the main story with your first character. Here are the full details:

  • Power Pass / Adventurers Path
    • There are two ways a Power Pass will be provided to Adventurers:
      • When the player completes the Main Quest (Ealyn’s Gift) from North Vern, a single Vern Power Pass Token will be provided via in-game mail.
      • After using the first Power Pass, a second Power Pass will be granted to players via in-game mail.
    • After two Power Passes are received, you will not be able to earn a third Power Pass this way.
    • The Adventurers Path can be started immediately after consuming the Power Pass on an alternative character.
      • This feature compresses the level 10 – 50 segment for an alternative character through a story told by Beatrice.
      • It will guide you on the essentials and progression, specific to your class, allowing you to re-live the content quickly through the new character.
      • Completing the Adventurers Path quest chain will equip your character with the gear appropriate for Vern content.

Note: Previously the patch notes stated that upgrading gear would have lower requirements. This has now been updated and there will not be any reduced requirements for launch.

There’s a ton more in the Lost Ark Launch Patch Notes – too much to cover in one article. You can head to the official page to check out the rest of the notes and familiarize yourself with the upcoming content.