With the Lost Ark launch just around the corner, coming on February 8, fans have been eagerly awaiting key details. Smilegate have finally delivered, sharing the Lost Ark launch time, details of the servers, how to pre-load the game, and much more.

Let’s take a look at the juicy details! 

Lost Ark Launch Time And Pre-Download

Lost Ark is set to launch at 9AM Pacific (5PM UTC) on February 8 for owners of the Founder’s Pack, giving them a three-day head start over free-to-play users. Meanwhile, the free-to-play launch on February 11 will also kick off at 9AM Pacific (5PM UTC). 

It should also be noted that there will not be any pre-launch events, such as early character creation or name reservation – we’ll be diving right into the game. With that being said, however, it will be possible to pre-download the game. 

Anyone will be able to pre-download Lost Ark from February 7 at 9AM Pacific time (5PM UTC). This gives us 24h to get the game downloaded and ready to go for launch. 

Lost Ark Server Info

Many fans were also asking questions regarding server details, including reset dates and times, server names, and how many servers we’d be getting. All of our prayers have been answered, with a solid list of details. 

Server reset times differ per region, with daily and weekly resets taking place at 1:00 AM server time. However, core content like raids will see an offset, depending on region, to best fit local times. 

You can find each offset below, with Smilegate explaining how it works as “This means that a dungeon meant to open at 7PM on server time (UTC) will be open for US West 7 hours later to make it more playable/accessible for US West players. The same goes for every region using the timings listed above.”

  • US West UTC-7
  • US East UTC-4
  • EU Central UTC+1
  • SA East UTC-3

We also received a list of servers, alongside minor details of locations. Europe will see nine servers, all hosted in central Europe. America is split into East, West, and South, seeing seven, three, and two servers respectively. You can find the full list of servers below: 

EU Central

  • Neria
  • Kadan
  • Trixion
  • Calvasus
  • Thirain
  • Zinnervale
  • Asta
  • Wei
  • Slen

US East

  • Azena
  • Una
  • Regulus
  • Avesta
  • Galatur
  • Karta
  • Ladon

US West

  • Mari
  • Valtan
  • Enviska

South America

  • Kazeros
  • Agaton

That’s all the information from the newest Lost Ark update. Now we know some key details, including the Lost Ark launch time – mark your calendars, set your alarms, and get ready to get into Arkesia!