Lost Ark is almost here, heading for a western release in February 2022! This means it may soon be time to decide on a class and if you’re a fan of spellcasters, then Mage will be your best bet. We’ve created a basic Lost Ark Mage overview to give you a quick look at the class and its advanced options.

The Mage class splits into just two advanced classes for now. So, let’s take a look at them in a bit of detail.

Mage Class Overview

Mage is a fairly standard MMO class. Just about every MMO features some kind of spellcasting Mage, and it’s no different in Lost Ark. With two advanced classes, you get the choice of an offensive Mage with the Sorceress, or a supporting Mage with Bard. 

Both choices are very powerful and Mages see decent success in just about every aspect of the game. The rest of our Lost Ark Mage overview will cover the advanced classes.

Lost Ark Bard Overview

Bard’s are a support class featuring a harp as a weapon. They provide many useful buffs to allies and are also able to heal party members. 

Overall, Bards are a great pick for anyone who wants to play a support role and are always in high demand, so if you want to be universally loved go for a Bard!

Lost Ark Sorceress Overview

Sorceress is one of the newest classes in Lost Ark and was only recently announced to be joining the western roster, as a replacement for Summoner.

The class is a very traditional spell caster and exactly what you’d expect when thinking of a Mage. Sorceress masters the elements, taking down enemies quickly and efficiently with a large range of spells. It’s the perfect class if you want to rain down magic damage on your enemies!

Now that you know a little bit about the Mage class it’s time to pick your favorite advanced option and get ready to harness Arkesia’s magic!