Boasting a “Wealth of Content” in the waiting, Lost Ark announced the New March Content Update including the following new features!

  • Story Episode – Kadan
    • This Includes a New Story line with quests, cinematics and new Islands to explore!
    • Players will learn about Kadan, the first Guardian slayer and gain access to the final Ark!
    • The new Islands, Isteri and Illusion Bamboo Islands have a ilvl requirement of 1100

  • New Abyss Raid – Argos
    • Abyss Raids are a BRAND NEW end-game activity similar to Guardian Raids grouping a players together to defeat a Raid boss!
    • Players will progress through 3 phases of HIGH DIFFICULTY mechanics to defeat Argos

Stay tuned for more details as the March Content Update draws near!

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