Lost Ark Masterpieces

Lost Ark Masterpieces are collectible items in the game. An ancient artwork stolen from the artistic city of Pleccia long ago. Players can find Masterpieces scattered worldwide, and can obtain them by doing quests, Secret Map Dungeons, Adventure Tomes, Rapport, and Tasks. You can collect a total of 48 Masterpieces, but will soon be able to collect more. Players receive the Proof of Adventure: Masterpiece Achievement, if they collect all Masterpieces.

Most players go for Masterpieces primarily to obtain the Island Token which is obtainable at 10 Masterpieces. Below we have listed all of the rewards you can get for reaching a certain number of Masterpieces collected.

Masterpiece Rewards

Upon collecting a certain amount of Masterpieces, you can unlock the rewards below. To collect these rewards, you must go to Sunflower Island and speak to Alfonso.

Masterpieces CollectedRewards
2x Masterpieces30x Soul Leaf
4x MasterpiecesEmote: Proud
6x MasterpiecesUncommon Card Pack x3
8x MasterpiecesVitality Increase Potion
10x MasterpiecesSunflower Island Soul
12x Masterpieces20x Eternity Essence
14x MasterpiecesStat Increase Potion
16x Masterpieces3x Rare Card Pack
18x MasterpiecesStructure: Azure Hill
20x MasterpiecesArtist’s Treasure Chest
22x Masterpieces15x Creation Fragment
24x MasterpiecesConviction
26x MasterpiecesEpic Card
28x MasterpiecesStructure: By Lantern’s Light
30x MasterpiecesArtist’s Treasure Chest
32x Masterpieces10x Menelik’s Tome
34x MasterpiecesArtist’s Treasure Chest
36x MasterpiecesWei Card
38x MasterpiecesArtist’s Treasure Chest
40x MasterpiecesTitle “Art Aficionado”
42x MasterpiecesStructure: Divine Protection
44x MasterpiecesJudgment
46x MasterpiecesGuardian Luen Card
48x MasterpiecesGreatest Masterpiece of a Lifetime

How to Obtain all the Lost Ark Masterpieces

Adventure Tome

Masterpiece #Tome Collection
450% East Luterra Adventure Tome Completion
550% Tortoyk Adventure Tome Completion
650% Anikka Adventure Tome Completion
750% North Vern Adventure Tome Completion
840% Shushire Adventure Tome Completion
3040% Rohendel Adventure Tome Completion
3140% Yorn Adventure Tome Completion
3740% Feiton Adventure Tome Completion
4340% Punika Adventure Tome Completion


Masterpiece #Collection Item
3Island Token x30
11World Tree Leaf x24
21Giant’s Heart x9
22Island Token x55
23Sea Bounties x30
32950 Mokoko Seeds
33Giant’s Heart x11
38Island Token x75
39Sea Bounties x38
441150 Mokoko Seeds


Masterpiece #Content
14Any Cube
15Any Boss Rush
17Shadespire Floor 25 LVL 440
24Any Cube
25Any Boss Rush
35Any Boss Rush
36Elite Cube
40Elite Cube
41Any Boss Rush
45Dimension Cube
46Hall of the Sun


Masterpiece #Exchange
2Stronghold Merchant Illayne -Raid Seal x4,275
12Blackfang’s Den Navigator Rosa – Gienah’s Coin x3,600
20Starlight Isle Merchant Favreau – Gienah’s Coin x3,300
27New Vernese Exploration Ship – Pirate Coin x10,000
34Atropos Black Merchant (Hidden Area) – Pirate Coin x30,000


Masterpiece #Quest
1Sunflower Island – Artist in Residence
13Liebeheim – Pain to Gain


Masterpiece #Rapport
29Calvasus Rapport Trusted Stage

Secret Map

Masterpiece #Secret Map
16Any Chaos Gate – Secret Map
26Yorn Chaos Gate – Secret Map and higher
42Feiton Chaos Gate – Secret Map and higher
47Punika Chaos Gate – Secret Map and higher

Una’s Tasks

Masterpiece #Una’s Task
9Ozhong Hills Una’s Task: The Cursed Ruins
10Wavestrand Port Una’s Task: Running the Port
18Karlhertz Una’s Task: Prisoner Release
19Freedom Island Una’s Task: The Archaeologist’s Request
28Cradle of the Sea Fermata Una’s Task: Fermata’s True Manager
48Star Sand Beach Una’s Task