Greetings and welcome to our Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds guide. Where we will go over everything you will need to know about Mokoko Seed hunting and the rewards for obtaining these seeds.

What are Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds

If you are not already familiar, Mokoko Seeds are a one time collectable items you can find just about anywhere in the game. There are currently 1235 seeds in game that you can collect and turn-in for rewards.

An example seed
A Mokoko Seed

LORE: Players are seeking out these seeds because the great giant, Tortoyk, sent them all flying with a single sneeze. It is for this reason the head of the Mokoko Village, Totoma, is offering rewards for the players to find and collect their unborn children.

How to collect Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds

When you find a Mokoko Seed in game, all you need to do is walk up to it and interact with them. Once you’ve done so, the seed will shine and show up on your map. That’s all there is to it for collecting them. However, sometimes it not that easy to walk up to them if they are behind a wall or just not visible to you.

Mokoko Seeds - Out of Bounds
An example of two Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds hidden out of bounds

Because of how well the seeds hide, locating the them is no simple task. It is for this reason, we suggest using an online resource to help you find them all! We suggest because we feel it has the best user interaction and the best set of information for on online map resource.

Keeping Track of Your Mokoko Seeds

There are many Mokoko Seeds to keep track of and it is very easy to forget which ones you have. Thankfully the game does a great job of keeping track of them for you in many different ways. The most commonly method is to just look at your map. Each zone will have a Mokoko Seed counter on the top right. Additionally, you can look on the map for the location of the ones you have.

Lost Ark Mokoko Seed Map Example
Prideholme map showing all 9 locations of the Mokoko Seeds

In addition to checking the map, you can open your Collectibles UI [Alt + L] and select the Mokoko Seeds collectible to see your progress. While looking over the Mokoko Seeds Map, you can hover over a section to see your progress for that zone!

Mokoko Seeds Collectibles Map
Checking the progress of collection for All of Luterra, of which many are still missing!

Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds Rewards

As with all collectibles in Lost Ark, there are rewards to earn. As for the Mokoko Seeds, there are many and some are desirable. Additionally, some rewards here connect to other collectible, such as the Masterpieces. Let’s take a look at them;

Rewards for Mokoko Seeds
Seed CountRewards
50Totoma Card
100Kindness Potion
150Stronghold Crew Application Form: Chicachica
200Vitality Increase Potion
250Crew Application Form: Cocorico
300Stat Increase Potion
350Mokamoka Card
400Paradise’s Knight License
450(15x) Eurus Blueprint
500Stronghold Crew Application Form: Mokomuko
550(3x) Shy Wind Flower Pollen
600(20x) Eurus Blueprint
650Crew Application Form: Poipoi
700Title “Mokoko Hunter”
750Structure: Mokoko Seed Monument
800Transform: Egg of Creation
850Stronghold Crew Application Form
900Wallpaper: Mokoko Village
950Masterpiece # 32
1,000Ship Skin: Blooming Eurus
1,050Crew Application Form: Narinari
1,100Title “Nice Smelling”
1,150Masterpiece # 44
1,200Transformation: Mokoko Seed

And that’s everything you’ll need to know about Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds to be successful in your search. Make sure to check out our other collectible guides , so you can collect them all! Also, feel free to join our StudioLoot Discord and chat with us.