Greetings everyone and welcome to our Lost Ark Paladin PVP Guide! Here you will see the best PVP Stats, Skills, Builds and Gameplay for your Proving Grounds Journey! The Ranked Season just started and this guide will help you climb the leaderboards as you Slice and Stab your opponents sending them to heaven, while using Holy Defensive Spells to keep your team healthy and alive!

Best Paladin PvP Stats

The Paladin is a Tank, Support, and a decent Damage Dealer in PVP. There’s a couple of choices for Stats when it comes to the Paladin. As always we get 750 Swiftness and 1 Crit with how the PVP mechanics work. Then we choose between 249 Domination for extra Damage, or 249 Endurance for more Defense!

  • 750 Swiftness
  • 1 Crit
  • 249 Endurance (Defense)
  • 249 Domination (Damage)

Paladin PvP Skill Build and Tripods.

This is one of the best sets of Skills that competitive players use. Of course there are some tripods that you can switch around that will fit your playstyle more or switch in Dash Slash for more mobility.

Here’s a chart that will help you understand the skill’s uses and purpose:

Engage – Charge, Executor’s Sword, and Godsent Law.

Defensive Buffs – Heavenly Blessing and Holy Protection.

Crowd Control – Charge, Executor’s Sword, Godsent Law, Execution of Justice, Wrath of God.

Big Damage – Holy Sword.


In this Lost Ark Paladin PVP Guide, we will show you how to play your role right and make the most out of your skills. You can pretty much do anything in PVP as a Paladin. His role is so flexible as Tank, Support, even DPS. It also depends on what your team comp needs the most.

Let’s start with being a Tanky Support. When the match starts, after getting out of the gate, cast Holy Protection and Heavenly Blessings before going in. These buffs will make your defense so high you will feel indestructible. Especially when you have other melee teammates, these buffs will have so much value. You then try to use Charge or Executor’s Sword to engage and combo. The enemies will most likely go pass you and target your backline instead. When this happens make sure you turn around and peel for them. As a tank you need to get in their face and be annoying as possible. Make sure to this with caution to make the most out of your ability and situation, Paladins lack Super Armors and Mobility. You can get punished or even left behind.

As a support you basically just try to peel for your teammates, with combos here and there when the opportunity arises. Godsent Law is a great skill for this since it provides a shield for your team within it and also CC your enemies. This also opens up for a combo if your other skills are up. Execution Justice is a great follow if your teammates catches someone and you’re near enough. It has decent Damage and will also prevent your melee opponents from peeling for their Teammates.

For our Identity Skill, we will always use Sacred Executioner. This will make you a deadly Tank Support. Not only do you gain extra damage for your Punish Skills (Blue Skills) you also gain extra range with them. This extra reach will make you deadly and faster when responding to peel for your teammates, but also deadly as a DPS when catching an enemy by yourself. The only time we really use Holy Aura is if you have two big damage DPS teammates in your team and you’re somewhat aware of their cooldowns.

Use your Awakening to peel for your teammates. If you see one of them get jumped by a couple of your enemies, don’t hesitate to use it because it will do decent damage to them and provide a Big Shield for your teammates. Against Team Comps with no Support, use this aggressively. Right after your defense buffs expire, Use it and it will buy you time for the next round of buffs you have. This will give you a big early advantage. Make sure to Ping if you can to make your teammates you wanna go aggressive with your defensive buffs and Awakening.


The Paladin’s basic combo is very easy to execute. You start with Charge and Executor’s Sword, follow it up with Wrath of God and finish it Holy Sword.

In some cases you can start the combo with Execution of Justice as a starter for your basic combo.

You can do an extended combo when peeling for your teammate or catching someone far from you with Godsent Law. If you catch someone with it you can continue with basic combo or Dodge into them and basic combo.

Note: After using your basic combo, you can extend your combo and finish with Heavenly Blessing if you’re safe to use it.

Summary Tips

1. Be careful as a paladin knowing you lack Super Armors and Mobility.

2. Use both your Defensive Buffs before you or your team engages.

3. Peel for your teammates with Godsent Law specially for the ones with their get up on cooldown.

4. Go aggressive when Sacred Executioner is active.

5. At the end of the day Play as Tanky Support! Do not play as a DPS! You can do more as a team because your DPS will do more damage than you!