Lost Ark is a game full of all types of different endgame activities and currencies. Pirate Coins play a large part in island travel and Lost Ark’s Naval content. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to earn Lost Ark’s Pirate Coins and what they are used for.

What Are Lost Ark Pirate Coins?

Pirate Coins are one of many currencies available in Lost Ark. These coins are earned through pirate-themed activities, such as traveling to different islands and completing tasks.

Next, are Sea Coins which can be earned through specific islands and tasks. These coins can be exchanged for other currencies, including Pirate Coins

How To Get Pirate Coins

Pirate Coins are earned by performing a range of activities, all based around sailing and islands. Here are the main sources of Pirate Coins:

Island Quests & Una’s Tasks

There are a ton of different islands which reward Pirate Coins from quests and Una’s Tasks. The exact amount of coins you can earn depends on the island and you’re able to find specifics in-game. Remember, you can type the island name into the map to find its location.

In short, here is a quick rundown of all the islands that reward Pirate Coins (in order of ilvl):

  • Blackfang’s Den
  • Drumbeat Island
  • Freedom Island
  • Giant Mushroom Island
  • Golden Wave island
  • Kalthertz
  • Opportunity Isle
  • Peyto
  • Phantomwing Island
  • Runaways Island
  • Atropos
  • Cradle of the Sea Fermata
  • Hypnos’ Eyes
  • Ice Maze Isle
  • Sublime Isle
  • Gesbroy
  • Eternity Isle
  • Island of Mist
  • Metus Islands
  • Tooki Corporation
  • Niheltalop’s Thoughts

Procyon’s Eye Compass Events

Procyon’s Eye Compass is a set of limited-time events in-game. They rotate every day and the important one for Pirate Coins is the Adventure Island event. 

When the event is live, you’ll see islands appear in purple on the map. You should head to an island that rewards Pirate Coins and complete the tasks there for rewards. 

Exchanging Coins

Last but not least, you can also exchange other coins for Pirate Coins. The Guild Merchant Vessels, near the port of most islands, will allow the exchange of coins.

Here’s where the Sea Coins come in. You can trade Gienah’s Coin, Spectrum’s Coin, Arcturus’ Coin, Ancient Coin, and Sun Coin for Pirate Coins. 

How to Use Pirate Coins 

Pirate Coins have a ton of different uses. They’re one of the most powerful currencies in-game. Here’s what you can spend them on:

  • Stronghold Station Missions
  • Ship Blueprints
  • Ship Upgrades
  • Upgrade Materials
  • Recruiting Ship Crew
  • Song of Resonance
  • Giant’s Hearts
  • And other goodies

As you can see, there are a ton of great things you can get with Pirate Coins. In conclusion, You should aim to grind out at least some, as they are especially vital to sailing, which is a huge part of the game. 

That’s all for our Lost Ark Pirate Coins guide, best of luck in your adventures in Arkesia and hopefully, you’ll find all the coins you need!