Lost Ark progression is all about increasing your gear score through daily and weekly activities. Located at the bottom of your mini-map, you will see a compass icon that will pull up Procyon’s Compass. Procyon’s Compass is home to a lot of Lost Ark’s Daily Activities including Field Bosses, Ghost Ships, Chaos Gates, and Adventure Islands. In this guide, we will break down each activity and the rewards you will receive after completing each.

Field Boss

Field bosses are Open World bosses that will reward you with honing materials to help increase your gear score as well as the occasional Engraving books. To locate a Field Boss for your current item level, click on the Field Boss tab, identify the correct gear score, and click on the location button. This will show you where you need to go on the World Map! Field Bosses require a large group of players to defeat, but don’t worry There will be many players waiting to down the boss as well.

Ghost Ships

Ghost Ships are ships located all of Arkesia that will reward you with Honing Materials and Engraving Books. To locate the next active Ghost Ship, click on the Ghost Ship tab and, again, select the locate button. Head out a couple of minutes early and look for the purple ship icon on the mini-map as you get closer. Once you find it, board the ship and complete the “dungeon-like” experience. Although you can do these solo, it’s recommended that you join a party as rewards are tied to your group’s contribution.

NOTE – you will need to use your “Song of Escape” to get back onto your ship!

Chaos Gates

Chaos Gates are available through portals that spawn in exact locations around Arkesia. In these, you will have to enter the instance solo and fight your way through a group of Bosses with the other players that find that enter also the instance. You will then earn an item called a Secret Map, a rune, and some card packs.

Once you obtain your Secret Map, it is common for players to link the map that they received in zone chat so that they can form up groups based on the rarity of the map. You will want to find a group of 4 players if possible to maximize the rewards. Once in the group, share your Hidden Cave location with the party using the share button and head to the zone where the areas are located. You should be able to click the notifications tab at the top of the screen to view all of your group’s Hidden Caves. Then, Once you reach the Hidden Cave entrance, use the map to find the mini-boss. Kill it and you will receive your loot!

Adventure Islands

Adventure Islands are daily timed events that offer up many types of rewards. Click on the Adventure Island tab and select one of the three islands based on what rewards you want! Once you select an island, set sail and look for the purple island icon on the map and wait for the set time of that island!.

When you reach the Island, complete the tasks located on the markers on the minimap. Once complete, you will get the items that were listed in the Procyon’s Compass Adventure Islands tab!.


That’s it for the Lost Ark Procyon’s Compass Guide! As a final note, don’t forget to use your event calendar and notification window to make sure you are where you need to be to complete the Procyon Compass Events!