Lost Ark Sea Bounties Guide: What They Are and Where To Find Them

by | Last updated Mar 28, 2023

Welcome Heroes of Arkesia to this Lost Ark Sea Bounties Guide. Where we will guide you through everything you need to know about the Sea Bounties Collectibles. Such as, where you can find them and the rewards you will earn for finding them all.

Lost Ark Sea Bounties

The Sea Bounties in Lost Ark are a wide selection of collectibles of many oddities. They can be as simple as Dragon Fruit to as strange as a Pirate’s Leg. There are a total of 47 Sea Bounties that you can collect to earn rewards and strengthen your sea ship.

Where to Find Lost Ark Sea Bounties

The Sea Bounties are all over Arkesia in the form of a Secret Map. Each secret map will inform you of which Sea Bounty adventure you will take part in, so make sure you read the item’s description. Additionally, we’ve made a table for you to reference in finding all the Sea Bounties for you!

Sea BountyMethod to ObtainLocation
Mokoko MushroomAdventurer’s TomeTortoyk
LlamaStrongholdTrade Merchant – Duekhyeon
Red Sea TurtleAdventurer’s TomePunika
StardustStrongholdTrade Merchant – Astiel
Sea FlowerAdventurer’s TomeAnikka
StarfruitStrongholdTrade Merchant – Tuleu
DragonfruitAdventurer’s TomeYorn
MandrillStrongholdTrade Merchant – Florr
Ghost LizardStrongholdTrade Merchant – Saha
5-Colored ParrotAdventurer’s TomeRohendel
Tablet of WindStrongholdTrade Merchant – Flarke
Halfmoon MaskRapportLevi from Kalaja
Ancient RodRapportJahara from Nia Village
Ancient Gold CoinRapportLiru from Nia Village
Forgotten LakeRapportArtisan Urr from Lakebar
CrevasseRapportSamly from Glacier Isle
Smoldering IceRapportJederico from Nameless Valley
DolmenPurchase: Map VendorYorn
Magick CircleRapportNeth from Hope Island
ShipwreckPurchase: *Traveling Merchant ShipArid Path
Common DolphinPurchase: *Traveling Merchant ShipPort Krona
Polar MammothAdventurer’s Tome Shushire
Red CamelAdventurer’s TomeArthetine
UnicornRapportTanay from Peyto
Ghost StingrayOpen Seas – ShipwreckSailing Voyage Events
SirenOpen Seas – ShipwreckSailing Voyage Events
MoonkeepKill AlakkirAlakkir Island
Godsent SpearPurchase: *Traveling Merchant ShipWavestrand Port
Statue of GienahQuestHaberk to the Ship
AuroraOpen Seas – ShipwreckShipwreck
WhirlpoolPurchase: *Traveling Merchant ShipPort City Changhun
Mute IslandAdventurer’s TomeFeiton
Totoiki BoatOpen SeasSailing Voyage Events
Eye of the North SeaPurchase: *Traveling Merchant ShipFrozen Sea
Eye of the South SeaRewardIllusion Isle
Eye of the DeadKill Sea God AporasOblivion Isle
Mysterious ChestKill BatuarkForpe Island
Pirate’s Peg LegEvent Reward [Co-op Quest]Lullaby Island
Pirate FlagKill KagrosSpida Island
The HestiaKill Sol GrandeAlteisen Island
PhantomwingKill AdrinnePhantomwing Island
King ShellfishCollect 60 Island SoulsOpher, the Lonely Island
Covered FigureheadField Boss – Kohinorr[Yorn]Iron Hammer Mine
Ice Statue of a WomanCollect 85 Island SoulsOpher, the Lonely Island
Snow SledAdventurer’s TomeSouth Vern
Lost Merchant ShipUna ReputationVern Magick Society
Deep Sea BoulderRapportThar from Bellion Ruins
* The Traveling Merchant Ship restocks every 15 minutes, so make sure to check them regularly to find the right Secret Map

Rewards for Collecting Sea Bounties

Every collectable in Lost Ark has some kind of rewards with them. Lucky for us, the Sea Bounties come with double the rewards! The first kind of rewards you can expect from collecting the Sea Bounties will be Resistances to Hazardous Waters. So, for each one found the stronger all your ships become.

Sea Bounties Collectibles UI
Resistances to Hazardous Waters rewards for collecting Sea Bounties

Secondly, the normal rewards of talking to the NPC for a wide variety of items. These range from Titles, Crew Applications, Coins, and much more. Let’s take a look at them;

Sea Bounties Rewards
Sea Bounties NeededRewards
2Adventurer’s Coin Chest
4Crew Application Form: Mikeel
6Adventurer’s Coin Chest
8Crew Application Form: Vanderwal
10Stat Increase Potion
12Adventurer’s Coin Chest
14Crew Application Form: Shirley
16Adventurer’s Coin Chest
18Crew Application Form: Eungwang
20Title “First Mate”
22Adventurer’s Coin Chest
24Transformation: Seagull
26Bloodclaw’s Splendid Coin
28Crew Application Form: Edward
30Masterpiece # 23
32Adventurer’s Coin Chest
34[Rune] Wealth
36Title “Westwind Conductor”
38Masterpiece # 39
40Tears of the Abyss
42[Rune] Focus
44(2x) Tears of the Abyss
46Adventurer’s Coin Chest

In conclusion, that’s all for our Lost Ark World Tree Leaves Guide. You now have all the tools you need to push your Trade Skills even further with this collectible. Also, feel free to join our Studio Loot Discord and talk with us!