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Hello everyone and welcome to our Lost Ark Sharpshooter PVP Guide! Here you will see the best PVP Stats, Skills, Builds and Gameplay so you can channel your inner Hawkeye. Get out there into the Arena and slay out on the battlefield rising up the ranks! We’ll be covering everything you need to become a true competitor for future Competitive Proving Ground Seasons!

Best Sharpshooter PvP Stats

PVP in Lost Ark can pit you against a multitude of different Classes when it comes to duking it out in the Arena. Whether it’s in the 3v3 Team Deathmatch setting or Elimination, the “winner-stays-on” 1v1 duel mode. As a result you may have to change up your stats to match your playstyle or the compositions you’re coming up against.

Standard (Recommended)

  1   Crit
249 Domination
750 Swiftness

This stat spread is the gold standard across almost every class in Lost Ark PVP. More often than not you will max out Swiftness to the 750 cap as it is the best PVP stat. This is primarily due to Swiftness increasing Attack Speed, Movement Speed and cooldown reduction. This is essential when competing versus other players. Where each and every action and the speed to do it can be the difference between winning or losing.

Domination is a common stat to put 249-250 points into as your primary source of damage increases. The damage is gained from hitting targets that are crowd-controlled or debuffed. In PVP your teammates (or even you yourself) will constantly crowd control or CC your opponents.

As a result you will be seeing a consistent damage increase throughout the match. Finally Crit for the last point to round out the spread. This is to enable the ability to Crit at all. Without this point you forgo landing critical strikes on your opponents entirely.

Snipe Variant

250 Crit
750 Swiftness

Moving away from the gold standard, another popular choice for the Sharpshooter is to purely run Crit and Swiftness. This change of stat distribution is usually due to the fact that most of your damage pokes will not be reliant on teammates juggling the opponent already. As a result you can score huge damage through critting opponents with Snipe or Charged Shot.

Lost Ark Sharpshooter PvP Guide Skill Build and Tripods

Sharpshooter players have access to a plethora of incredible skills to enable your ability to assassinate up close or from range. Of course we will see a constant adaptation to the meta and balance patches in the future so expect things to change over the months or years.

However, we currently have a fantastic build, of which has been self-tested but also a recurring build used by top Korean and Russian PVP veterans. This build will have you dropping huge damage and winning many games:

With this build you have great tools for practically every scenario. Tools to catch opponents and start combos such as Claymore Mine and Moving Slash, defensive cooldowns such as Stalker. And finally, your hard hitters Snipe and Charged Shot. You also have the unique property of being able to use stealth to your advantage. Golden Eye will always be your best choice of Awakening. 


As a Sharpshooter, the aim of the game is to be not only a strong DPS ranged class, but also a hit-and-run pseudo assassin. You will have the tools to set-up not only yourself but your teammates with decently long ranged poke skills that double up as soft or middle tier CC and as a result net you and your team a ton of kills.

A good starting point is to practice your positioning when playing the Sharpshooter. In PVP camera positioning is important as you and your opponent will only have a limited FoV which is flipped about 90 degrees depending on which team you’re on.

Consequently, keeping yourself at a decent range but also horizontal to the enemy means you’ll be at the top or bottom of their screen perspective, allowing you to get off surprise poke or crowd control catches.

Remember that you do have access to plenty of movement tools, strong CC abilities and stealth, allowing the Sharpshooter to disengage or engage from very unpredictable angles.

Ideally you’ll look to land strong poke as often as you can throughout the game with Charged Shot and Snipe. You can also opt to force stealth on yourself, look to engage up close and personal with Moving Slash, Claymore Mine and Blade storm. Providing you have your poke skills available you can extend into combos when getting up close to your opponents before disengaging.

Keep a keen eye on your opponents and your teammates, position yourself correctly and begin to pick off opponents or peel your teammates, while dishing out high poke damage combos to net kills. Play as slippery as possible with your defensive tools and stealth and you are guaranteed to be a nuisance to your opponents.

The Sharpshooter Identity is a fairly interesting addition to the class. By filling the gauge to full you will get access to Summon Silverhawk. A powerful skill that allows your faithful companion to wreak havoc on your opponents in a few different ways!

Summon Silverhawk also gives you and your party members a small Move Speed buff, which should never be overlooked. Once summoned you will gain access to two more skills:

Not only does Silverhawk attack opponents periodically on its own, but you’ll be able to use Wings of Storm and Last Rush. Wings of Storm is a small AOE that deals low-moderate damage. While not being a burst skill every bit of additional damage is worth it and nothing to be downplayed and does not use much meter.

Last Rush however upon use will fire out Silverhawk in a straight line skillshot. Using this skill will do far more damage than Wings of Storm but consequently Silverhawk will fully deplete upon use.

PVP Combos

•  Use Moving Slash to get in range and hit your opponent. You can approach the beginning of the basic combos the Sharpshooter has in a few ways such as stealth, Claymore Mine and potentially even Stalker. Once you reach your opponent immediately follow up with Blade Storm. If your opponent does not have their Stand Up you can end this short combo with Snipe or Charged Shot.

This is your bread and butter but also one of your only real ways to combo. The Sharpshooter is very much a ranged poke machine, with slight tools to add an additional hit-and-run style to his gameplan. 

Summary Tips

1. Use Charged Shot and Snipe off cooldown to poke, catch opponents, peel and enable your team.

2. Prioritize positioning as much as possible to land hits from outside your opponents FoV but also so you’re in range to either deal poke damage or enable your teammates in a pinch.

3. Abuse the stealth tripod from the skill Salvo to attack your opponents from very awkward and unexpected angles.

4. Remember that the Sharpshooter doubles up as a ranged DPS machine but also a hit-and-run assassin. Most of the time you’ll likely be looking to stay at a distance but do not be afraid to engage.

5. The Sharpshooter Awakening is incredibly powerful and often a trump card to turn the tide, be very careful when using this ability as it can truly be a game changer.

Thank you for checking out our Lost Ark Sharpshooter Guide for PVP! As a result I hope this helps you become one of the best Sharpshooter players in Lost Ark! We will make sure that we update this guide in the future since Lost Ark can make any changes for the Class and PVP is always an ongoing shift of meta adaptations. Good luck out there in the Arena and climb the Competitive Proving Ground Season Ranks!