Lost Ark has a ton of exciting endgame activities to keep things fresh while grinding item level. One of these is the Tower, a series of challenges on different floors. All of which, will provide amazing rewards! Let’s take a look at it with our Lost Ark Tower guide.

The Lost Ark Tower 

The Tower is a set challenge activity that players can take on in order to obtain much-needed rewards. Unlike other similar activities like the Cube or Boss Rush, the Tower is a solo only, so make sure to bring your A-game! 

The goal of the Tower is to climb from floor 1 to floor 50, defeating increasingly powerful enemies on the way, while facing special challenges. Each floor has a timer and upon completion rewards you with the floor-specific reward. As you progress up the Tower, you’ll be able to earn better rewards.

Currently, there are two versions of the Tower. The Shadespire Tower for a total of 50 floors. Additionally, The Fatespire Tower for an additional 50 floors. So, between the two towers, you will have 100 floors to progress.

Locations And How To Enter

The Tower has very few prerequisites. To enter Shadespire, all you need to do is reach an item level of 302. Meanwhile, for Fatespire, you’ll need to follow the main story until you complete The Final Report in Yorn and reach an item level of at least 802. There are no entry tickets to enter!

You can enter the Tower in any major city in Lost Ark. Simply look for the Tower symbol on the map (it kind of looks like a box with wings) and head there. It’s usually positioned near the Cube and Boss Rush. You can also search for ‘Tower’ on the map.

Once you get to the Tower, click it to open the interface. You can pick which Tower to enter on the left and which floor you’d like to start at on the right. 

The Tower interface.

Rewards And Alternative Rewards

There are a ton of different rewards for completing the Tower. Each floor gives its own reward and you can find the specific rewards on the Tower interface. 

The floors all have very useful rewards, ranging from Card packs to Engraving recipes, Runes, Rapport chests, and even extra stat points. It’s well worth doing if you want to get a boost for your character in the endgame! 

The rewards will change between first time clear and additional, alt, clears. Additionally, you can only earn the rewards for a floor once per character. Lets look at floor one of the Shadespire Tower; the first time clear on your first character will be a Legendary Card Pack. However, the second clear on your second character will be a Harmony Shard Pouch (M).

Ideally you will want to first time clear The Tower with an alt and then with your main, if possible. But it is not required! Many streamers and players are suggesting this because the first time rewards are Roster Bound , while the second time rewards are character bound. Meaning you can trade the first time clear items to your main and gain the rewards of the second time clear.

That’s all for our Lost Ark Tower guide. Best of luck on the climb, hopefully, you can make it to the top and unlock all the juicy rewards!