Greetings everyone and welcome to our Lost Ark Wardancer PVP Guide! Here you will see the best PVP Stats, Skills, Builds and Gameplay for your Proving Grounds Journey! The Ranked Season just started and this guide will help you climb the leaderboards and beat your foes with kung fu while supporting allies by making them stronger!

Best Wardancer PvP Stats

Wardancer excels in many ways, they are very mobile, tanky, and have decent damage. With Stats having 750 Swiftness is a staple on every character and having 1 crit is almost a must due to the way crit works in PVP arena. Domination is what most wardancer’s run for extra damage. Although these are the so-called staple stats, there are still other wardancer there that would run 50 Specialization or more for faster charge of esoteric orbs and extra damage for Call of the Wind God.


  • 750 Swiftness
  • 249 Domination
  • 1 Crit
  • 49 – 249 Specialization (Optional)

Wardancer PvP Skill Build and Tripods

This is the best standard build most wardancers use for competitive play. This has decent damage, great mobility, tankiness, offensive and defensive buffs both for yourself and party.

Here’s a chart that will help you understand the skill’s uses and purpose:

Mobility and Engage – Phoenix Advent, Sleeping Ascent Celebration, Sky Shattering Blow, and Moonflash Kick.

Off & Def Buffs – Wind’s Whisper and Energy Combustion.

Crowd Control – Call of the Wind God, Phoenix Advent, Sleeping Ascent Celebration, Sky Shattering Blow, Swift Wind Kick and Moonflash Kick.

Big Damage – Call of the Wind God, Moonflash Kick, Swift Wind Kick, and Wind’s Whisper.


In this Lost Ark Wardancer PVP Guide we will show you the best way to play your role as a Wardancer! As a mobile and tanky class the wardancer excels as a engager and a flanker. This will all depend on who you’re fighting against. Against a Sorceress or any back line range opponent you want to engage as a flanker you always dive the backline as an opener, Phoenix Advent is a great tool for this! Against an all melee group you wanna stay as a peeler and a control type of player. With your mobility you can bounce around targets easily and peel for your DPS if needed.

As a flanker if there’s any range opponent you have you wanna stick to them as much as possible. Try to make them run away from their team and keep them away from the main fight if you can. Bait out their skill and if they’re too far, go back to the main fight and help out your teammates. Now if they run towards their team, you want to attack in a direction which forces them to face away from the main fight, this will prevent them from attacking your teammates and peel for themselves at the same time. Make sure while doing this that you have Energy Combustion online the whole time and try to spam Wind’s Whisper every time it’s up, to support your teammates from a far while you keep their DPS/Range Players away. With these buffs online you become very tanky which will take them a longer time to kill you than most classes, and that’s value since you can soak a lot of damage while you trade and provide buffs to your team.

As an initiator, when the round starts you wanna go in first and make sure you attack the opponents from the back. You wanna make your enemies face the opposite way where your team is, as much as possible to prevent them from hitting multiple targets at the same time. As a wardancer, you have the mobility to do this quite consistently. Try to bounce around targets if you can, spread out your CC. In 3v3, the ideal scenario is having your teammates 2v1 an opponent while you bounce around preventing the 2 other opponents from joining the fight. Even if they end up not joining the fight and decide to 2v1 you instead, most of the time that is of value for your team since you can soak up more damage than the enemy and you are able to buff them while tanking/peeling. Remember that with Energy Combustion not only you become tanky you also do damage per second against opponents near you and have a burst damage that knocks up the foe at the end of its duration.

Note: You can replace Swift Wind Kick with Lightning Kick for more Mobility.


For your opener start with Energy Combustion before or right after the gate opens. This will make it ready or close to explode when the fights start happening. With this being said, timing is important when it comes to going in. If possible you want to go in when it’s about to expire.

Dive with Phoenix Advent and follow up with Wind’s Whisper, make sure to wait for them to fall down before casting Wind’s Whisper otherwise it won’t hit. You can weave in some Basic Attacks while you wait for them to fall.

Wardancer is flexible when it comes to combos. Try to spread out your use of skill into multiple targets. Example would be, Phoenix Advent into Wind’s Whisper then switch target and use Sleeping Ascent Celebration into Swift Wind Kick then switch target again and use Sky Shattering Blow into Moon Flash Kick.

Against a 1v1 you wanna Phoenix Advent into Wind’s Whisper and Basic Attack to force them to dodge roll. Once they use the roll that’s when you go all out, Use your dodge or skills to juke then initiate with one of your mobility/cc skills. From there try not to use all your skills at once, Try to save some for CC/initiate for when they get up. I try to use 2 skills at a time and Basic Attack and when they get up I use 2 skills then Basic Attack again.

Call of the Wind God is a Big Damage/Big CC skill. You have to be careful when casting it because it’s too easy to cancel it. Try to engage with another skill first before using it.

Summary Tips

1. Utilize the Wardancer’s mobility at all times. Bounce around targets and go In and Out instead of being greedy and using everything on 1 target.

2. Be Creative with your combos. There are Multiple ways to combine your skills, don’t tunnel vision into what you think is the best one.

3. Be careful with Call of the Wind God when using it. It’s easy to cancel while casting it and you can easily get knocked out of it.

4. Identify your opponents and teammates in the start of the round so you’ll know what role you should play.

5. The Wardancer is Fast. Be Active and Quick. Make Proactive Plays.

That would be it for our Lost Ark Wardancer PVP Guide! We hope this helps you out on your journey to become one of the best Wardancer in Lost Ark PVP arena! Do your best and Train hard to become the greatest kung fu master in the upcoming seasons of ranked! Remember! Everybody loves Kung Fu Fighting!!!