Greetings Heroes of Arkesia, this Lost Ark weekly update on 05/11/2022, Amazon Games will be changing very little in-game. Simply put they are working on the backend servers to prepare for the May 19th Destined For Destruction update. Additionally they are fixing only one bug, and that is where the PvP leaderboards were not updating correctly for everyone.

Lost Ark Weekly Update - Pet Image
A Cute Arkesia pet coming to NA in the near future

Outside of that, the servers will be coming offline for their normal weekly maintenance; May 12th at 12 AM PT / 7 AM UTC / 9 AM CEST and will be offline for about 4 hours. Afterwards, you can expect the servers to come back online and you will be able to play again.

That’s all for this Lost Ark weekly update for 05/11/2022! Looking forward to seeing everyone back in Arkesia again soon.

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